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Impulse Control Seminar

Herts Venue: Oaklands College, St Albans Campus, Hertfordshire, AL4 OXS   Saturday 9th Nov 2019 Saturday 7th March 2020 West Sussex Venue: Brinsbury Campus, Chichester College, Pulborough, West... [ Read more ]

£75.00 (+VAT)

Herts Venue: Oaklands College, St Albans Campus, Hertfordshire, AL4 OXS  
Saturday 9th Nov 2019
Saturday 7th March 2020

West Sussex Venue: Brinsbury Campus, Chichester College, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1DL
Saturday 12th October 2019
Saturday 8th August 2020

Scotland Venue:The Conference Centre Mcsence Business Park, 32 Sycamore Rd, Mayfield, Dalkeith, Midlothian EH22 5TA
Saturday 18th April 2020

10am to 4pm

Attendees will receive comprehensive course notes and certification

A one day special seminar open to all, dedicated to providing a comprehensive study of Impulse Control in dogs.

The day combines theory, video case studies and exercises for you to take back home to put into practice.

You will cover:-
  • What actually is impulse control?
  • Why is it important for dogs from a physiological and psychological perspective?
  • Why is it important to owners?
  • How do we assess if impulse control needs increasing?
  • What’s breed got to do with it?
  • The positive side effects of increasing impulse control on daily life
  • Groundwork and foundations before training
  • How to implement impulse control within the client’s daily routine
  • Case studies and protocols for working with client’s and their dogs
  • 'Take-Home' impulse control exercises to put into practise

Course Presenter : Dave Brice:-
Dave has written and tutored in full time adult education
Consultancy work for the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology 
Dave is the Head Tutor for the Accredited Correspondence courses for the IMDT
Dave has consulted for Wood Green Animal Shelters and the RSPCA 
Working closely with veterinary profession, Dave provides Continued Professional Development (CPD) for vets and vet nurses within the practice environment. All IMDTB courses have been awarded 6 CPD points for one day courses and 12 CPD points for two day courses by The CPD Standards Office
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Course Feedback


Yet another brilliantly delivered course. Lots of videos and interesting references for further reading on the subject. David is very good at making it easy for all levels to understand. Thanks again and looking forward to more courses

Michelle Smith


An excellent course to start delving into the behaviour side of training. A good balance between the science and practical side with lots of real life examples.

Karl Cheatham


Absolutely fabulous course. Lots to think about and I really enjoyed the references to neurology which I will be having a read about. Plenty of food for thought and as always Dave delivers the content in an engaging and thought provoking manner.

Nathalie Yates


Great course! You will get something out of it whatever level of understanding you come with!

Natalie Turton


Another well explained subject with David Brice.

Sarah Brookes


Really enjoyed the course. ;Learned a lot in a great relaxed atmosphere. Thank you IMDT and thank you Dave.

Gary Holloway


It's clear to me that David is a very well read and experienced dog behaviourist. He is generous with his knowledge and provides a safe environment for all attendees to ask questions no matter what their level of experience is / where they are on their learning journey.

Brett Bell


Great course presented very well by Dave. Everything is relatable to stuff experienced in everyday life with dogs so it makes perfect learning.



This is an excellent seminar and Dave is always very knowledgeable and engaging! I love the mix of science and practical information that compliment each other very well and were very clearly explained. Highly recommended

Jade Berman


This is a course ive wanted to do for a while. I loved every second. References given are second to none and Dave presents clearly & with interest!

Charly Kay


The Impulse Control seminar had a healthy mix of scientific background and practical examples based on the speakers own personal experience that provided a clear understanding of the subject. Very well presented, interesting and engaging. As always, I left with enthusiasm and new ideas. Thank you.

Aidan Cowan


Dave was brill as usual - great course content.

Jackie Darby


What a fascinating day! Dave provided a day packed with his in-depth knowledge of the subject and illustrated very well with several video clips. The problem, research and treatment were expertly unpacked and I came away with new information to help my clients in this common aspect of behavioural problems. Highly recommended.

Nige Gunn


Really good course and presented very well. Thank you Dave



Great course, lots of clear information with videos to help understand impulse control, along with solutions to assist in helping dogs



Excellent course. Lots of science and research which is explained really well. Lots of food for thought with this course and training that is very straight forward to use in everyday life with your dogs. Highly recommend.



Excellent Seminar really highlighted the importance of impulse control and how we often over think the solution. David Brice was entertaining and a good speaker.

Joanne Hinds


Great Impulse Control Seminar today! Really enjoyed it and also loved 'meeting' Dave's dogs!

Hannah McMillan


Heading home after another great learning day on the Impulse Control Seminar presented by the super Dave Brice. Lovely peeps and great to catch up with some friends

Keran Gilmore


Fab impulse control seminar today. Nice balance of science and practical training ideas. I will definitely be back for more IMDTB.Thanks IMDT and Dave

Sam Savory


A fab few days at the IMDTB dog to human aggression and impulse control seminars presented by Dave Brice in his usual excellent and informative manner. Great to see members of the IMDT family again too and already looking forward to the next IMDTB fix in March covering abnormal repetitive behaviours and pharmacology. Thank you x

L Cooper


Excellent seminar yesterday with Dave Brice, excellent mix of science and practical as always. Love your style of lecturing!!!! and love your dogs!

Philippa Short


Thanks to Dave Brice for a really informative and inspirational seminar on Impulse Control today. Plenty of course material and a great balance of the science v practical. It was very clear that you have a great depth of knowledge!

Georgina Armstrong


I have to give another big shout out to Dave Brice for another great day on the impulse control!! The perfect blend of science and practical training!! It's been a great 3 days with IMDT and meeting friends old and some new!! It always gives me a sense of great warmth when attending these courses for all the love and support you get!!

Ryan Gibson


My third IMDT course, but my first with Dave. Was a great seminar, very informative, made SO MUCH sense and loved the all the 'simple' exercises shown.. but then why do we want things to be difficult? Superb stuff!

Hannah McMillan


An excellent course with a lot of detail delivered in the usual IMDT friendly and supportive manner. Thank you!

Matthew Biggins


What a great course, would highly recommend. This is my first behaviour course with the IMDT and I loved it. Dave is a great speaker, content was spot on and there was cake! Lots of things to think about and implement in to training well done IMDT.

Carrie-Anne Selwyn


I really enjoyed this course and it has given lots of ideas on exercises to add into my training plans.

Claire Anstee


Excellent course. Very informative and well worth the 400mile round trip journey to attend. More new tools and ideas for my classes.

Caroline Gale


Amazing course, I learned lots of really simple and effective exercises! Totally recommend this course for trainers, dog walkers and anyone else that spends time with dogs.

Tracey Venn


Brilliant course ,very informative ,.this course has given me great motivation to work on so much more especially with my own dogs ,highly recommend

Nikki Thurgood

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