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LEVEL THREE 6 Months. Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement

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Due to current travel restrictions, we are very pleased to confirm that all accredited IMDT distance learning courses can now be paid for via monthly instalments. The payment plans mean that you can book and start your course now while you're at home, but can spread the payments over a more comfortable period of time.
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Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour:
Accredited Dog Training & Behaviour Open College Network OCN Level III Qualification
6 month Tutor Supported Correspondence Course
Study Time: Approx 4-6 hours per week

When does the Course start?
You can book and start this course straght away.
As soon as we receive your booking you will receive your welcome pack and your first Unit.

Who is this Course for?
Those that are committed to keeping their canine and training knowledge as up to date as possible. Those that are considering or are already established Dog Trainers that appreciate the need to understand not only the mechanics of how dogs learn, but also their development, emotional responses and relationship with the environment. Students that appreciate the need to apply knowledge to real life case studies.
An in-depth look at how dogs learn covering both Operant and Classical Conditioning and how it can be used in the real world, to help you train dogs and their owners and modify behaviour successfully.

The course covers:
  • How dogs were domesticated and how human intervention could have affected their behaviour
  • How this development drives the way we work with dogs and how we can use this as part of any training or behaviour modification plan
  • The development of puppies including, weaning, socialization, early learning and the potential effect on future behaviour
  • Operant Conditioning, (in detail) how it works and how this can be applied to teaching our dogs successfully
  • Pitfalls and safety issues in training dogs
  • Classical Conditioning, the basics; as well as more complex approaches to behaviour problems that you may encounter
  • Conditioned Emotional Responses in behaviour modification, how to create and maintain these properly and thus increase the dogs mental wellbeing and physiological health
  • The owner; their behaviour and beliefs and how this effects the learning environment
  • The environment and its effects on learning in dogs and owners
  • How this all relates to ‘real life’ case studies
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Course Feedback


Very interesting course covering all the essentials about how dogs learn, how to motivate and use reinforcement. I have learned so much! Thank you Dave and Lin for this so interesting course!!! I am so lucky I have heard about Imdt!!! Becoming a Modern Dog Trainer allows me to help improving dogs’ life and to teach owners how to communicate with their dog. So rewarding! ANOTHER AMAZING COURSE!!!



Excellent course. Not studied for over 20 years so wasn't sure how I'd cope but the tutors were always on hand to guide me in the right direction. Learned so much.

Vikki Chalke


Highly recommend this course, whether you're interested in becoming a dog trainer or just want to understand more about dog behaviour. You'll learn about dog behaviour from the history of domestication up to specific behavioural problems we see today. The content of the course is well thought out and is highly accessible to anyone, regardless of how much studying you've done before. The tutor support is brilliant and the feedback you receive for each unit is detailed and very helpful for furthering your understanding on specific topics. Highly recommend!



Fab Course. I left school nearly 20years ago and was worried I would struggle re-starting studying. I needn’t have worried. There’s a support group on Facebook plus the tutors are always quick to reply to you. The course is well paced and you get given suggested reading to get you started. Although if you’re anything like me you’ll end up buying heaps more books. I’m already looking toward completing other courses and continuing my IMDT journey

Gemma Fisher Marr


The course has been amazing and I’ve learnt so much. It has really helped me to understand our rescue Daisy who came to us last year with a number of behavioural challenges which have been improved greatly with the help of this course, she is a much happier dog compared to this time last year.The content is varied and the tutor is on hand to help whenever you need guidance. Great course - would definitely recommend :)



I came into dog training late in my life, have always lived with dogs and recognise that I did things then in a way I wouldn't do now, I had done some courses in the past. This course has helped me to consolidate the odd bits of information I had gained here and there and has explained in detail the how and the why of dogs behaviour and teaching dogs. It takes some time and studying on the student's part, and doesn't always appear easy but it does make you think about what you are doing. Lots of support from the tutors available, well structured units, even though I found each one frightening initially! If you are prepared to put in the effort it is worthwhile doing.



This course was recommended to me by a professional that worked with dogs all his life. And I have to say I was right to follow his advice. It touches all most important matters and gives you a very good understanding of dog's behaviour. Of course it's up to the student to do his researches and to put commitment. But it's really worthy. Tutors are lovely and happy to answer to any question at anytime. Lots of flexibility, very manageable if you're working.



Couldn’t recommend this course enough to anyone who wants to better understand their dog or looking to be a trainer. Really impressed with the professionalism of the IMDT and how well it was all structured and the feedback from tutors



It was with trepidation I embarked on this course as my only experience is with my own dogs and formal study has evaded me for many years. Suffice to say I am now hooked. After finding my feet on the first unit I found every aspect fascinating and just wanted to learn more. Dog sports is my thing and this course really gives you an insight to help develop the way you train as well as what the dog is actually learning. I am now well and truly hooked and moving onto level 4. If you are thinking about this course do it.

Tracy Parker


I thoroughly enjoyed completing this course, it was hard work and I was challenged with the amount of detail that was needed but I’ve learnt loads. There is a lot of work involved especially with the reading that is recommended but it’s worth it.

Katie Garland


I thoroughly enjoyed this course and felt I learnt a lot as regards how dogs learn and why we teach a certain way to help them learn. It definitely gave me a better knowledge base for my 4 Day Practical and massively helped with my Membership Assessment, particularly the theory section. Would recommend.



5 stars all the way!From the start I had amazing support and feedback while working through this course.An extremely well written and planned course to guide you through what's needed. Going into depths that other courses I've done just haven't.I learnt more during this 6 month course than I did with other correspondence courses as the IMDT clearly want you to learn, grow and improve where others just basically pass you for what I now see as mediocre assignments.The assignments were well suited to the level, completely achievable for a beginner but with all the added extras for those that have knowledge but want more to geek out on.I cannot wait to get my geek on some more with level 4! This course is a must for anyone in the industry as well as pet owners that want to understand their dog even more.Huge thanks to Dave and Lin for their priceless help and advice though the course, see you at Level 4.

Jo Loft


I have found this course to be fantastic, I have learnt so much and can’t wait to start the next course in my journey. Thank you to Dave for his support.

Neil Burton-Hicks


When I started this course I knew nothing about the science of dog training. Now I have a very good idea about the fundamentals and how much more there is to learn. Really enjoyed all the different components of the course and feel much more confident about my knowledge, thanks to the tutor support and having applied myself to the questions within each unit. Highly recommend the course to anyone wishing to consolidate their understanding of the principles behind canine behaviour and its control / management.



Wow, received my grade having completed this course. Absolutely Excellent and extremely interesting . Thought I knew a lot but learnt so much more. David Brice was excellent in guiding me through. So motivated now to progress onto the 12 month level 4 Behaviour Consultations course.

Michelle E


The feedback from the tutors is excellent and the support given has been wonderful. The course has given me a good foundation to build on for my journey as a dog trainer and behaviourist. Thank you all



This is a very interesting course and each unit helps you further your knowledge and examine our dogs history, learning, behaviour, motivation along with how 'humans' interactions can influence dogs behaviour. There is alot of reading and research which is very rewarding especially when you find the answers/solutions to your own questions. The feedback from the tutors is excellent and the support given has been wonderful. The course has given me a good foundation to build on for my journey as a dog trainer and behaviourist. Thank you all



I would highly recommend this course, it has given me a greater understanding of dog behaviour and has given me the thirst to learn more. The guidance, support and feedback from Dave for each unit was always very helpful. It challenges you to progress unit by unit and has made me want to study more to eventually be a behaviourist I can't wait to see what the future holds. Thank you IMDT



Great course especially if you think you already have a good understanding. I found the course provided challenges to my existing knowledge clearly showing just how much there is to learn with a few gaps evident. The final module testing your knowledge with some great case studies.



I really enjoyed this course, I thought it was really interesting and thorough. Dave’s feedback on each module was great and the IMDT team are always more than happy to help with any queries you have a long the way. I would highly recommend this course.



This is definitely worth doing if you are interested in dog behaviour and/or wish a career as a behaviourist. It requires a lot of reading and research but if you are interested in the subject then this will be an enjoyable part of it. The Tutors give very good, clear feedback and point you in the right direction if you aren't on track. I was really chuffed to have passed it and I am now looking to move onto the Level 4.



I really enjoyed this course, have learnt so much and now just want to learn more. It's really got me thinking about how I interact with my own dog. I feel it's set good groundwork for my progression as a dog trainer and has built up my confidence for my upcoming IMDT assessment. The tutors are great! I highly recommend this course.



A fantastic course , this course really makes you think about how we train and communicate with our canines and gets the brain working. The Tutors are amazing :-)



I have just completed this course and have to say I am amazed at the sheer volume of information this has packed into my head. It has definitely solidified my original aims of becoming a behaviourist. This course really tests your research skills, existing knowledge of learning theory as well as giving you real life cases studies to pour over. Some of them kept me up at night I was so obsessed with finding out the answers. I highly recommend the tutors and David's knowledge literally boggles my mind. I will definitely be continuing with the other correspondence courses and going to one of his seminars as soon as I possibly can. Thank you for the positive learning experience and for giving me confidence to go for my dreams xxxx



This course is excellent, I thoroughly recommend it. It's format gives you the essential start into understanding dogs, how they evolved and most importantly how they learn. It is challenging, and pushes you to expand your reading which leaves you wanting to learn more and more. You look back at what you knew at the beginning and where you are at the end and can hardly believe you have absorbed all that information. The feedback is very helpful, and the ongoing support really good. I so enjoyed the course and have now moved onto Level IV......



I learnt lots doing this course. I thought I wanted to start with the Level 4 having studied to degree equivalent level previously but am really glad I did this one first and will probably do the other 6 month course too. It was challenging, interesting and the feedback really helpful and constructive



I've learnt so much from doing this course, it really got me thinking, I researched so much and feel that I have come away with so much knowledge which will help me towards my assessment.

Jo Hawker-Woodward


I’m a bit sad that I've completed the LMR correspondence course, as I've enjoyed it so much! I've learned LOADS, and loved every minute of it. Dave is a great tutor, a very knowledgable man and gives great feedback to each unit which has given me further research each time to brush up on certain aspects. The learning from this course will help me so much with my dog training business in the future and I plan to continue my learning with IMDT, either with the 12 month correspondence course or via the practical behaviour courses over the next year. I would recommend this course to anyone who works with dogs and would like to gain more knowledge and enhance their skills.Thanks IMDT!

Gem Smith


Very useful course, particularly if you are thinking of taking your IMDT Assessment or further study.

Jackie McG


Really great course to put your knowledge to the test and do lots of research. Doing this course has given me the confidence to strive and become a dog trainer!



I found this course challenged everything I thought I knew and made me look at everything in a totally and much better way. I loved doing the research and ended up finding some very interesting articles. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to take their first steps into the industry as a fantastic foundation. The feedback from Dave was very constructive and clear.

Linda Clarke


A brilliant course with a really good tutor who provided a lot of support throughout. Would highly recommended this course to anyone wanting to work with dogs. I learned so much from it.

Abigail Mc Inerney


Really interesting course with lots of useful information. Really helped me with understanding and helping the rescue dogs I work with. The feedback from the tutor was really useful and informative and I enjoyed doing this course a lot.



Detailed, helpful feedback from tutor. Good foundation knowledge learnt. As with all courses you get more out of it by doing extra research to answer the questions fully. I would recommed this distance learning course.



Really enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it. The tutor support and feedback was excellent and I never had to wait long for a response.Thank you IMDT

Lynn Glanville


Really enjoyed the course. It has provided me with in depth knowledge and increased my confidence in working with dogs. Excellent support and really good constructive criticism. Definitely recommend it!



Wow, what a course. It is Incredibly in depth and has taught me a lot.The support from the IMDT has been fantastic. My tutor was lovely and a real support. I highly recommend this course to anyone working with dogs.



A really good course and very informative. Really enjoyed all the research and reading required. Tutor always gave good and constructive feedback and was always there for support.



This course was a challenge for me because it required a considerable amount of self discipline and motivation, many hours of research and reading, and also because English is not my native language. It is a correspondence course, so most of the work must be done on our own. The tutor was excellent, always giving relevant and constructive feedback, and answering to my e-mails very quickly. The knowledge acquired and the pleasure of completing this course were huge and definitively worth the effort.



This was a very interesting and challenging course, studying the foundations of how dogs learn. Then going on to study this with different breeds, finishing with applying the knowledge to fixing problems in different case studies. Helped along by the feedback received from my tutor after each section was completed. The Tutor was also available to clarify or give advice along the way. A very worthwhile use of my limited spare time. Thanks IMDT.



This is an excellent course. it provides a solid foundation in understanding how dogs develop and learn. The tutor gives really helpful feedback. I learnt a lot and am much more confident in my understanding.



I really enjoyed this course and found it very interesting. The Tutor's comments were constructive and extremely useful. This course was invaluable in how it taught about the different training methods and how to apply this knowledge to real life cases. I would definitely recommend this course.


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