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LEVEL FOUR 12 Months Behaviour Consultations and Functions of Behaviour

No need to wait for a 'term time', you can book and start your course now "Excellent Tutor Support" Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour – Consultations,... [ Read more ]

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No need to wait for a 'term time', you can book and start your course now

"Excellent Tutor Support"

Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour – Consultations, Foundations and Function of Behaviour

Level 4 Accredited with OCN London
This course covers in detail the process of behaviour work, from the initial contact, safety, consultations, learning and training, through to report writing and follow-up with the clients and their dog or dogs.
This is an in-depth course, using science and learning theory for both the human and the canine, to enable the student to gain a superior level of understanding in what is the most complex, yet necessary part of any behaviourists toolbox.
The course progresses through four units over 12 months and covers:

Planning behaviour consultations:

§  Essential elements within the consultation process
§  Medical issues and veterinary support
§  Environment; people, animals and the effect on consultation practices

Health & Safety and Risk Assessment:

§  Developing risk assessments based on case specific detail
§  Health & Safety in the consultation environment

Communication with clients:

§  Questioning techniques and information gathering
§  Learning styles and their effects on information gathering and dissemination
§  How much information to give clients
§  Writing initial behaviour reports (case studies)
§  Are follow-ups necessary?

Analysing behaviour cases; determining suitability:

§  Prognosis; when, why and how
§  Referral, when, why and how

Evaluating questionnaires and cases histories:

§  Expanding and analysing client questionnaires
§  Welfare and approaches to consultation
§  Management, safety within consultations and modification protocols (case studies)

Foundation training and mental wellbeing:

§  Foundation training and suitability within initial consultations (case studies)
§  Mental enrichment, mental wellbeing and the effects on behaviour modification
§  Producing suitable hand-outs and information sheets for clients

Motivation and reinforcement; effects on behaviour and behaviour change:

§  Analysis of training techniques in relation to behaviour change
§  Learning theory in depth; relevance to modification and behaviour change in dogs and people
§  Reinforcers; levels of, differences in and suitability for, individual dogs and case types
§  What ‘drive’ is; how this affects motivation, perseverance and behaviour in dogs

It is expected that the course will require between 4-6 hours study, research and writing per week.

This course is best suited to those that are intending to or are already carrying out visits to client’s properties for behaviour modification, or in-depth training consultations and therefore covers the entire process in detail.
The course is designed to be testing, requires commitment and precision alongside good studying processes. The course is accredited by OCN London and falls within their guidelines for assessment.

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Course Feedback


I have just completed this course which I have to say I have really enjoyed, it was a challenge, especially for some one like me who has been out of the education system for some time but I had fantastic tutor support which certainly kept me going, all my questions were answered and the feedback has been fantastic ,thank you Dave Brice . The course itself has helped me expand my knowledge and now feel I have a better understanding of canine behaviour, I highly recommend this course !!!

Michelle Roberts


Just want to thank you for all of your help and advise. This course has been brilliant and I have learnt so much throughout. Many thanks again Siobhan Stebbings

Siobhan Stebbings


Really valuable course. Excellent standard in both course syllabus and support offered. Dave Brice is a fantastic tutor with a seemingly bottomless wealth of knowledge.

Rachel Quigley


Amazing 12 months of learning and education working with likewise professionals and interacting and gaining support from highly knowledgeable tutors such as Dave Brice who's wealth of knowledge in these more difficult areas is second to none. A course that makes you think, absorb, understand and put back into practice the best to help and support every dog we work with. Well worth the time, effort and focus if you are keen on progressing in the Behavioral world.

Jason Evans


Great course, loads of important info and IMDT team always 5star

Ricardo M


An excellent course which greatly expands one's knowledge and understanding of canine behaviour and the various approaches and interventions to deal with problematic behaviours. A thorough scientific approach, covering drives, emotions, neurochemistry, pharmacology, diet, genetics and more.Dave Brice is an excellent tutor, encouraging questions and discussion (at the weekend tutorials) without judgement as well as being available for support via email if necessary. The learning becomes somewhat addictive as the more you learn, the more one finds there is to learn (that SEEKING drive!). A follow-on course would be something I would love to do. I highly recommend the course for anyone interested in working with dog behaviour issues. Although I still feel I have much to learn, I am so much more confident having completed this course.

Carrie Bates


This course gives you a thorough and practical understanding of how a dog's mind works, how to interpret what drives behaviour and emotional responses and therefore how to establish the most appropriate and effective behaviour modification programme for each and every dog. In conjunction with the classroom IMDTB courses Dave takes you through every corner of a dog's brain with his usual compassion, empathy and humour. Highly recommended for anyone encountering behavioural issues during their work with dogs.

Heather Witty


An excellent well structured course with varied content, that covers so many areas that are essential in today's behavioural arena. I would recommend this to anyone who is entering the behaviour world and wants to really understand how we can help. The excellent David Brice is a masterful knowledge base and leader.

Jason evans


Highly Recommended for anyone working with behaviour cases. This course is a really great way to develop your skills and put the science and practical knowledge we have into context. It compliments the IMDTB courses and I would recommend doing this and the IMDTB courses in tandem. Be prepared to do a lot of study and research, as the knowledge and information you will get in return will benefit everything you do with your clients. The course is extremely well written and managed, the course tutor gives great feedback throughout which will drive you to the next level.

Zoe Willingham

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