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Complaints procedure relating to the behaviour of current qualified IMDT Members that breach the IMDT code of ethics

To submit a complaint to the IMDT Head Office in relation to a breach by an IMDT Member of the IMDT code of ethics, please submit the below information by email to [email protected]

  • Your name and email address
  • Full name of the IMDT Member of which the complaint is about
  • Full details of the complaint; location, date, alleged breach of the IMDT code of ethics.
  • Include all supporting details and evidence; eg: photos, first-hand witness statements

Complaints Process
Once received, the details of the complaint will be relayed to the IMDT Member by the IMDT HO. The identity of the complainant will not be shared with the Member in question without prior consent.
The IMDT Member will be given 14 days to respond by email to the initial complaint.
Upon receiving the response from the IMDT Member, the IMDT complaints committee will make a decision as to whether the complaint should be upheld and also the sanctions, if any, that will be applied.
Possible sanctions include; removal of IMDT Membership or a ‘yellow card’ warning issued to the IMDT Member regarding any future breach of the IMDT code of ethics.
Should the IMDT complaints committee decision be that the complaint has not been upheld, no further action will be taken
All parties will have 7 days to appeal the complaint committee’s decision by email to [email protected]
In the event of an appeal from the complainant or the IMDT Member, the IMDT HO will form a fresh committee which will not include any of previous IMDT complaints team.
All parties will be informed by the IMDT HO that an appeal has been received.
The IMDT complaints appeal committee will review all details of the complaint
A decision will be made as to whether the appeal has been upheld or denied

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