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The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers is a leading body and independent Course provider for Dog Trainers and Behaviourists. The IMDT was founded to promote the very best in understanding and training of dogs through quality Trainers and ultimately, owners. Founded in 1999 by Steve Mann, with a great deal of invaluable help from leading Dog Trainers throughout Europe, America and the UK. The aim of The IMDT is to provide high quality training, education and membership to all Dog Trainers, with an emphasis on proven, ethical and science based teaching methods.

Through a comprehensive range of Courses and assessment, The IMDT offers a recognised and accredited qualification as well as a supportive, positive network of Members with a purpose of developing and offering the very best dog training and behavioural advice. 

The IMDT is a Registered Learning Centre for The Open College Network & offers education and qualification that is externally verified, quality assured and recognised within the industry
Benefits of IMDT Membership:
  • To be recognised and identified by Clients as a Member of The IMDT reassures Owners that you have undergone a respected Assessment process, resulting in the very best training and behavioural advice.
  • All IMDT Members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics that guarantees respect for all dogs and Owners.
  • IMDT Members enjoy support and encouragement from the IMDT ‘family’ through a network of social media, Head Office support and events such as the IMDT Members Day.
  • Access to the latest Courses and Seminars plus 15% off all bookings via the IMDT Members discount code.
  • Use of The IMDT branding and logo on all marketing material as a ‘kite-mark’ of quality training.
  • Checks to ensure all IMDT Members continue with quality CPD to guarantee consistent development of  science based, ethical and professional dog training and behaviour modification.
  • Quality Assurance; The IMDT offers the very best in education, support and dog welfare.
Above all else, Members of the The IMDT must be able to demonstrate a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of proven, ethical and science based dog training and behaviour and abide by The IMDT Code of Ethics. 

If you reside outside of the UK & Eire, please email [email protected] with the subject line 'Overseas Membership'  
For residents of the UK & Eire, please see below:

To book your IMDT Membership Assessment CLICK HERE
IMDT Membership process

You can choose for your assessment date to either be in-person at one of our venues, or delivered remotely via Zoom

During the two day Assessment process, applicants will:
  • Deliver a 20 minute Group Class

  • Deliver a 20 minute Puppy Home Visit' 

  • Deliver a 20 minute 121 training session and prepare a follow-up report/email
  • Complete a 20 minute Q+A, or 60 minute questionnaire

    Following the Assessment, the applicant will receive a full report giving one of three possible outcomes:-


    a) No offer of IMDT Membership at this time. This means that the applicant has not yet reached the desired standard to become an IMDT Member. The average assessment score will be 59% or below, or the applicant has not achieved above 55% in two or more sections of the assessment, or has scored 40% or below in a section. The assessment summary sheet will high-light areas to work on for the applicant to study before re-applying for Membership.
  • Any practices during the assessment that go against the IMDT Code Of Ethics will result in no offer of Membership
  • b) Offer of IMDT Membership. Result = Passed with MERIT . This means that the applicant has reached the desired standard to become an IMDT Member. The overall assessment average will be 60% to 79% with the applicant achieving over 55% in at least 3 sections.

    c) Offer of IMDT Membership. Result = Passed with DISTINCTION. This means that the applicant has reached the desired standard to become an IMDT Member. The overall assessment average will be 80% or over with no individual section under 55%.

 Applicants that receive offer b) or c) and have also completed the 2 day Career As A Dog Trainer and 4 day Practical Instructor courses will also be eligible to receive the Open College Network Accredited 'Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour' certification

All IMDT Members review their Membership annually to ensure continued development in line with other professions.

ALL  Members can have their details on the IMDT website to help owners find an IMDT Qualified Trainer.
  • Members will receive a 15% discount on all IMDT Courses, Workshops & Seminars.
  • Members may use the IMDT initials after their name. 

Members may display The IMDT logo on their literature and websites.
  • Members must read, understand and sign to say that will act in accordance to The IMDT Code of Ethics. 

 Training and Behaviour.
  • The IMDT Committee's decision on Membership assessment results is final. 

All Members may display the IMDT logo on all training literature and use the initials IMDT in a professional capacity. 

As well as professional use of the IMDT initials and logo, being a Member of a recognised professional dog training body and receiving the full support offered by the Institute, all Members receive 10% off future Courses and Seminars.
  • Members receive classified listing in The IMDT recommended Trainers directory.
To book your IMDT Membership Assessment CLICK HERE
Download Assessement Templates Below:

IMDT Membership 
If you provide sufficient learning outcomes as a result of your IMDT Assessment you will be invited to become a Member of the IMDT.
Along with your results we will send you a registration form which requests a payment of £55+vat for your membership.
Upon receipt of this your certificate, enamelled Membership lapel pin and your embroidered IMDT Members badge will be sent to you along with a welcome email detailing your membership benefits 
Open College Network Accredited Certification
If you have attended the required IMDT courses (2 day Career as a Dog Trainer and The 4 day Practical Instructors course) and you provide sufficient learning outcomes as a result of your IMDT Assessment, we can propose for you to receive the Open College Network Accredited Certification 'Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour', Level III.
The External Verifiers from The Open College Network visit us twice a year to go through your paperwork and to sign off your accreditation.
If you would like to receive accreditation and you have completed the required courses along with gaining IMDT Membership in the Assessment let us know on the registration form that you get with your Assessment results.
The OCN administration, verification and registration fee is £75 + vat but is only payable upon successful completion of the verification process.
Once The OCN have agreed your accreditation, you will be sent an invoice to be paid upon return, this in turn will then release the accredited Certificate from The Open College Network

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