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IMDT Assesment for Membership and becoming an IMDT Qualified Dog Trainer

The journey to becoming a Dog Trainer or Dog Behaviourist is an exciting one, IMDT knows the route well.
We have a pathway that will inspire you, whether you are changing career, or this is your first career, we get it, we have been there too!
Not only can we provide you with a safe, interactive learning environment but we can also support you along the way to qualification and realising your dream of working with dogs.
The IMDT is the fastest growing Educator and Accreditor of Dog Trainers and Behaviourists worldwide.
We inspire 5000 Dog Trainers and Behaviourist every year.
Benefits of IMDT Membership
  • Enjoy support and encouragement from the IMDT ‘Family’ through a network of Social Media and Events
  • A free business page on the IMDT website. This is a resource used by clients, vets, insurance companies etc to ensure you have undertaken professional training
  • Access our latest Courses and Seminars with 15% off all bookings
  • Proudly use The IMDT branding and logo on all marketing material
  • Network with other members on our private Facebook page
  • Use of the letters ‘IMDT’ after your name
  • Use of the IMDT Partnership Grades 1 to 6 to use in group classes 
  • Exclusive IMDT discounts and offers from major brands
  • Use of the ‘Dogs Trainers Charter’ logo

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The IMDT Membership process
To become an IMDT Member and therefore an IMDT Qualified Dog Trainer you would need to pass our dog trainer assessment.

Our Assessments are in person at one of our venues throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, and South Africa.
We also have a zoom option whichs is great for international students, you can access IMDT from anywhere in the world

There are 4 parts to our assessment process
  • To deliver a 20-minute Group Class, video it and send in
  • To deliver a 20-minute Puppy Home Visit Consultation
  • To deliver a 20-minute 121 Adult Dog Training Session. Follow this up with a report/email of the session to the Owner
  • To complete a 20-minute Q+A
If you would like to know a little more about each section download the PDF’s
Download Assessement Templates Below:


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Results ….
Once you have completed your assessment, you will receive your results in approximately 4 weeks giving one of three possible outcomes: -

a) Pass with Distinction, offer of IMDT Membership
This means the applicant has reached the desired standard to become an IMDT Member. 
The overall assessment average will be 80% or over with no individual section under 55%.

b) Pass with Merit, offer of IMDT Membership
This means the applicant has reached the desired standard to become an IMDT Member. 
The overall assessment average will be 60% to 79% with the applicant achieving over 55% in at least 3 sections.

c) No offer of IMDT Membership
This means the applicant has not yet reached the desired standard to become an IMDT Member due to one or more of the following:-
The average assessment score will be 59% or below
The applicant has not achieved above 55% in two or more sections of the assessment
The applicant has scored 40% or below in a section.
Any practices during the assessment that go against the IMDT Code of Ethics will result in no offer of Membership
The assessment summary sheet will high-light areas to work on for the applicant to study before re-applying for Membership.

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You then have the option to accept your IMDT offer of Membership, this opens all the amazing benefits of being an IMDT Member.

More Amazing News ….
If you have attended the 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer, the 4 Day Practical Instructors course and passed your IMDT Assessment, you have earnt an additional qualification.
The Open College Network Accredited Certification ‘Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour', Level 3.

What do you have to do? 
All you need to do is ‘opt in’ on your membership form that we send you with your results, we can then submit your work to the external Verifiers from The Open College Network. They then sign off your accreditation.
The OCN Administration, Verification and Registration Fee is £75 + vat = £90 and is payable upon successful completion of the Verification Process, we will contact you for the Fee once the process is complete.
Renewing your IMDT membership
We take pride in ensuring that all IMDT Members review their Membership annually to ensure continued development in line with other professions. Together with your yearly membership fee of £66incl vat if you are in the UK or Europe and £33 if you are in South Africa you will need to submit 15hrs of CPD.(IMDT ) or 40hrs (IMDTB)
 Your first membership payment is due when you accept your membership offer, and this is set up by Direct Debit, so you do not have to worry about it again  
To find out more about the renewal process please email [email protected] 
You can also read about Membership renewals on our FAQ page click HERE                                                                                                                                       

Why so many owners search for an IMDT Accredited Dog Trainer or Behaviourist
When looking for a professional to help with their dog, clients want assurance that the person they invite into their home has been through a Rigorous Assessment Process, Adheres’ to a Strict Code of Ethics and most of all has their dog’s Best Interest at the forefront of any training plan.

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IMDT Accredited Dog Trainers  
The IMDT is a Registered Learning Centre for The Open College Network & offers Education and Qualification that is externally Verified, Quality Assured and Recognised within the industry
If you want to read more on the route to becoming an IMDT Accredited Dog Trainer or Behaviourist read HERE 

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