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IMDT Membership Assessment

We welcome new members! To become an IMDT Member and therefore an IMDT Qualified Dog Trainer you would need to pass our dog trainer assessment. The IMDT Membership Assessment Zoom assessment is... [ Read more ]

£230.00 (+VAT)

We welcome new members!
To become an IMDT Member and therefore an IMDT Qualified Dog Trainer you would need to pass our dog trainer assessment.

The IMDT Membership Assessment Zoom assessment is completed via zoom to ensure the assessment is accessible for all - you can access IMDT from anywhere in the world

There are 4 parts to our assessment process
  • To deliver a 20-minute Group Class with 4 - 6 owners and dogs, video it and send in
  • To deliver a 20-minute Puppy Home Visit Consultation
  • To deliver a 20-minute 121 Adult Dog Training Session. Follow this up with a report/email of the session to the Owner
  • To complete a 20-minute Q+A
If you would like to know a little more about each section we recommend you download the PDF’s on the IMDT Membership page CLICK HERE

The 2 day IMDT Career As A Dog Trainer and the 4 day IMDT Practical Instructor courses are excellent foundations for your assessment

To acquire the additional knowledge to meet the assessment criteria, dependent on your knowledge and experience to date, we recommend the courses below:-
Learning, Motivation & Reinforcement
Perfect Puppy Foundations
Canine Body Language

Results ….
Once you have completed your assessment, you will receive your results in approximately 4 weeks giving one of three possible outcomes: -

a) Passed with DISTINCTION, offer of IMDT Membership
This means the applicant has reached the desired standard to become an IMDT Member.
The overall assessment average will be 80% or over with no individual section under 55%.
b) Passed with MERIT, offer of IMDT Membership
This means the applicant has reached the desired standard to become an IMDT Member.
The overall assessment average will be 60% to 79% with the applicant achieving over 55% in at least 3 sections.

c) No offer of IMDT Membership
This means the applicant has not yet reached the desired standard to become an IMDT Member.
The average assessment score will be 59% or below
The applicant has not achieved above 55% in two or more sections of the assessment
The applicant has scored 40% or below in a section.
Any practices during the assessment that go against the IMDT Code of Ethics will result in no offer of Membership
The assessment summary sheet will high-light areas to work on for the applicant to study before re-applying for Membership

Once you have passed your Assessment, you then have the option to accept your IMDT offer of Membership, this opens all the amazing benefits of being an IMDT Member.

Benefits of IMDT Membership
  • Enjoy support and encouragement from the IMDT ‘Family’ through a network of Social Media and Events
  • Be listed on our ‘Find a Trainer’ page, as a resource for owners looking for dog Trainers or Behaviourists near them
  • Access our latest Courses and Seminars with 15% off all bookings
  • Proudly use The IMDT branding and logo on all marketing material
  • Network with other members on our private Facebook page
  • Use of the letters ‘IMDT’ after your name
  • Use of the IMDT Partnership Grades 1 to 6 to use in group classes 
  • Exclusive IMDT discounts and offers from major brands
  • Use of the ‘Dogs Trainers Charter’ logo
More Amazing News ….
If you have attended the 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer, the 4 Day Practical Instructors course and passed your IMDT Assessment, you have earnt an additional qualification.
The Open College Network Accredited Certification ‘Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour', Level 3.

If you would like to learn more about the 'How to become a Dog Trainer' look HERE

In-person venues
NORTH LONDON/ENFIELD venue: Old Ignations Sports Ground, Turkey St, Enfield, EN1 4NW
Brinsbury College, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1DL

Zoom Assessments
Please see the dropdown menu for all the zoom assessment dates

Worldwide inperson venues 
AUSTRALIA click through HERE
SOUTH AFRICA click through HERE
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Course Feedback


Thank you to the Assessors for being supportive and trying to calm the neves as much as they could.



Nerve racking 2 days BUT the support you get from the assessors and the other people, who are in the same boat as you, is great. You come away feeling that you've achieved something, pass or not, and made a great bunch of friends. Have a go or you'll never know!!!



I just wanted to write and say a personal thank you to you and the whole team for all the help and support they gave me before and during my assessment. I don't know how I would have coped without you all. You are all truly amazing.Thank you so much

Gary Holloway


Nerve Wracking? - YES!! BUT the amount of support that you get from everyone is sooo amazing that you actually leave the assessment feeling like you have achieved something. Nobody is there to pick on you or intimidate you, everyone helps each other and comforts each other. Yes, you need to know your stuff, but do not let your nerves prevent you from taking the assessment! It is an extremely well run, efficient assessment process and everybody helps you get to where you need to be at the time you need to be there!! Just sign up and do it!!

Philippa Short


I just completed my 2 day assessment immediately after completing both the 2 day Career as a Dog Trainer and 4 day Practical Instructor course (both awesome!). I chose the IMDT assessment as I wanted to be tested to meet their quality criteria. I wanted to know that I had the right skills and knowledge to be a good dog trainer. I didn't want to just be 'ticked off' - and I wasn't! It wasn't easy - but it also wasn't anything more than one should know to be a dog trainer. The feedback provided was really great too - I know which areas to do some more work in (yes, I may have achieved full member but the learning doesn't stop there!). You cannot fault the IMDT staff. All were professional yet very supportive. I'm very proud to be joining such a group. Don't be scared of the assessment, embrace it and see how you do (the world will keep turning if you don't pass, but you never know if you don't try).

Fiona Cowie


Recently took the assessment.The criteria is high and it's intense meeting all the requirements . The nerves were high but the assessors really put you at ease and it's great spending time with fellow assessees in the same boat. It's also a fantastic learning curve just by the experience itself. I'm really pleased and happy to say I'm now a full member of the imdt family and am looking forward to the journey and more learning!

Lucy Cooper


It's a year since my assessment, and boy what a year!!I was welcomed to the assessment by an awesome bunch of people, there was no pressure (apart from the pressure I put on myself) everyone was friendly and supportive at the assessment and have been ever since!!Becoming part of the IMDT family has been brilliant!I am surrounded by positive, friendly and enthusiastic people every day!I can highly recommend the 2 days of torture you will give yourself for this assessment, as the rest of the time as an IMDT member more than covers it!Go for it!! Be the change!!

Dawn Heaton


I was so nervous when I booked the assessment and it was an intense couple of days. Once I got there though and things got underway it wasn't as terrifying as I'd feared. There is a lot to know and the assessment really puts you through your paces but the assessors were amazing and made me feel at ease and the stooges for the group classes were really supportive too. I look forward to continuing my IMDT adventure as a full member! If you're thinking about booking the assessment - go for it!

Michelle Dart


Just did my two day assessment, yes it was scary and yes it pushed me way out of my comfort zone but the assessors, stooges and others taking their assessment made the experience actually enjoyable. The assessors make you feel at ease and you have the same IMDT feeling you get on other courses. It wasn't easy but it's not meant to be, and I actually found myself enjoying it! Thank you

Michelle Smith


When I thought about the assessment I would get nervous and worry... It was actually the best thing I did. The whole 2 days were full of support and the assessors were friendly and approachable, in fact by the end I was actually sad to go as I had enjoyed this as much as any of the courses!

Jen Feargrieve


One of the most nerve racking experiences I have ever done. The criteria prospective members need to meet leaves me with no hesitation recommending the IMDT to dog owners.The assessors are fantastic, friendly and their people skills match their canine ones.I'm proud to be a member and look forward to enhancing my education with the IMDT.First class



The 2 day assessment was a terrifying prospect, but once I arrived and was met by lots of friendly and familiar faces, my nerves started to calm. It was such a great feeling gaining my student membership... I just hope when i renew in November I can reach the full membership stage! Being a member of the IMDT gives me a fantastic confidence I didn't have before to develop and improve my skills on a daily basis! Thanks guys!

Alexandra Yates


Doing the assessment was very nerve racking but boy oh boy was it worth it. To gain membership to the best Dog Training Organisation is worth every bit of time and energy. It really made me feel validated as a dog trainer and gave me confidence to continue to develop and improve..... wouldn't go any where else

Tania Chappelle


Which ever way you look at this, it will be a stressful couple of days. The assessors couldn't have done more to put me at ease but it is still an assessment. The great thing is that the IMDT tutors create such a fantastic team spirit and the organisation seems to attract the nicest of people so all of the group going for assessment were really supportive of each other. This helps enormously. Do the homework, plan your lesson carefully, learn the theory, take a deep breath and go for it. I can't tell you how good it feels when that email arrives welcoming you as a new member.

Fiona Hayden


The Assessment process was not easy but it was worth while. The assessors are all lovely and friendly doing their best to put you at ease whilst still maintaining their professional attitude. I am so glad I did it. Thank You IMDT.



As always the IMDT team were amazing. They put us at ease as much as we could be over the two days and made it fun too. Spending the time with the other participants was great as everyone was so supportive of each other so as well as gaining membership of the IMDT you also build up a great network of like minded friends.

Lisa Dillon


There is no doubt that this is a tough couple of days. You are tested, not only on your theory of learning and understanding of dogs and training, but also your practical teaching and people skills are tested to the limits!The Assessors are amazing and keep it as fun and relaxed as possible, your piers offer loads of support and encouragement and you make loads of friends who are all in exactly the same boat. I think it's fair to say the assessment takes you outside your comfort zone and pushes you to your limits, but it's the key to the best recognised dog training qualification.

Lucy Prosser


this assessment is designed to weed out the good the bad and the ugly so to speak, still very enjoyable as with everything IMDT still designed to be comfortable, dispite it being an exam i felt very at ease through the whole process

Charly Franklin

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