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2 day - The Consultation And Follow-Up. Training and Behaviour

Everyone welcome! This course is available via zoom on the following dates: 25th and 26th May 2024 14th and 15th September 2024 25th and 26th January 2025 To book the dates that suits you please... [ Read more ]

£180.00 (+VAT)

Everyone welcome!

This course is available via zoom on the following dates:

25th and 26th May 2024
14th and 15th September 2024
25th and 26th January 2025

To book the dates that suits you please click on the dropdown menu

This in-depth course offers content suitable for anyone interested in learning more about Training and Behaviour Consultations

- The complete process: start-to-finish
- Generating and maintaining your client base
- Initial contacts
- Vet referrals; communication and relationships
- What do you need to know, and when?
- Gathering history
- Analysis and research
- Maintaining the feedback loop
- Targeting the important information
- What to do prior, during and after the consultation
- Follow-up report writing
- Continued support packages
- Fees


This course is available for you via Zoom and runs from 10am-4pm each day

You will receive a Zoom invite and course notes 2 weeks prior to your course date and also the day before your course date if you book with less than two weeks to go so everything is easy and taken care of for you 

On each morning of your course simply click on the link 5 minutes before your seminar starts and we will do the rest



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Course Feedback


A fantastic course for anyone looking to learn more about the ins and outs of consultations. David is fantastic, and draws from his vast experience and knowledge to pack the 2 days with as much useful information and guidance as you could hope for.



Can't believe how much information and helpful advice is packed into two days! Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to start offering behaviour consultations

Clare P


LOVED Dave Brice's teaching style, a must take course for anyone looking to get into the behaviour/training industry, really knowledgeable and tons of information. Thank you!

Lauren Bracken


A really informative and interesting course, covering all the elements needed from start to finish of a consultation. Dave was great throughout, sharing his vast knowledge and answering all questions. I highly recommend this course!



Just received this great course via zoom, which in turn has given a greater insight on how I should conduct myself before, during and after the consultation. A must for all dog trainers and behaviorists who are just starting out or have experience. Cheers Dave.

Steve Throup


This was an extremely enjoyable course. There was a huge amount of information packed into just 2 days, covering a wide range of issues that would be applicable both to training and behavioural contexts. Dave was excellent throughout, sharing his knowledge and experience in ways that were both clear and interesting; he was also really helpful in answering everyone’s questions. A great course which has provided plenty of food for thought and lots of useful ideas that will be very helpful to put into practice. Thank you so much!



I really enjoyed this course. It’s really nicely structured to cover all the necessary safety, management, consulting styles and report writing info. Getting to ask Dave any questions is so helpful too! I feel much more prepared to structure my behaviour plans and continue my journey towards dealing with aggression cases.



I would highly recommend this course to anyone doing behaviour consulting, whether you are just setting up your own business or are already working. I'm so glad I signed up. This course covers everything from marketing to the whole process before, during and after your client visit. I'm now going to apply what I learned to streamline my business. Thanks Dave for sharing your knowledge.



This course was so enjoyable and so informative! My mind boggles at how much learning could be packed into 2 days, delivered in such a digestible (and memorable!) way, and examined in depth. It ties all the other IMDTB seminars together really well while offering a comprehensive education on a really broad range of topics. Empathy, teaching and learning, professionalism, safety, marketing, and how to do the best by the client and their dogs: that only scrapes the surface of what was included in this course! Absolutely essential for anyone working with clients or studying for a behaviour qualification, I’d say. Very glad I signed up!



Brilliant course, highly recommended for those starting their Level 4 IMDTB course. Packed with useful information and indispensible advice.



A great course which helped consolidate some practices I am already doing, but also gave me loads of ideas of things I can develop

Kaye Littlehales


Great course, I already work in this area and am an experienced behaviourist and can't believe how much I got out of it. Thanks

Natalie Turton


This was FANTASTIC course!!! It confirmed that I was doing many things correctly but also showed where I could improve the process and make it more efficient. As a result of attending, I have redesigned my end to end behavioural process, redesigned all my paperwork and added some additional elements. This new process and paperwork is now in use!

Nige Gunn


Great course, really useful for anyone who does 121's for training or behaviour. I came away with new ideas and lots of useful tips. Thanks Dave for sharing your knowledge and experience.



Once again Dave Brice knocks it out of the park on day one of the Consultation

Geraldine Morley


Loved it!

Nikki Thurgood


IMDTB Consultation course finished, so worthwhile. Raring to go

Jan Harris


So just finished an epic 2 days on the IMDT-B Consultation and follow up course presented by the awesome Dave Brice. First time doing one of the IMDT- B courses, but as with IMDT courses I've done, It was engaging , inspiring and I learnt so much! questions were answered with thought and humour. Went away with my head full of ideas and having made even more new friends!

Helen Lewis


Over the two days Dave identified and answered all the niggling questions that buzz around your mind before, during and after a behavioural consultation, even the ones you didn't know were there!With generously honest insight he discussed the real heart of the processes and protocols necessary to address clients and their dogs with empathy and professionalism, often in difficult or distressing circumstances.An enormously valuable and confidence building course. Fantastic.

Heather Witty


We all love working with dogs, but what clicked for me about this course was the business focus. Your mind will be full of things that you can change to ensure your consultations are more productive, tips to make your paperwork less onerous, tools to ensure your reports give clients a plan to work to, and advice to make your business more profitable. 100% recommend this course.

Carolyn Boyd


This is a superb course. The guide to structuring consultations from initial contact through to the follow up report is invaluable. I'm not quite sure where else you could get such comprehensive information and advice. I came away feeling both motivated and valued. A 'must do' course.

Karen Fox-Williams


Fabulous course for anyone that is serious about offering clients the best structured reports and consultations for behaviour work. It's made my day to day work much easier.

Zoe Willingham


Thoroughly enjoyed this course, and it has made a huge difference to the way we go about our behaviour consultations. A must for any behaviourist/trainer.

Jeanette Muldoon


What a brilliant course presented in such an interesting and informative way. I highly recommend this course to anyone who does behavioural consultations.



Yet another fantastic IMDTB course. So much more than just report writing. Caused me to totally re-evaluate the structure and costings of the behaviour work I do and think much more commercially. Makes you really think about why you should or shouldn't do certain things as part of your offer/ process. Feedback to the changes I've since made has been really positive. Do yourself a favour and book it!

Claire Williams


What can I say about this course other than it was amazing and has truly revolutionised the way my consultations are now conducted. It gives my clients better service and me more time. If you haven't been on this, get booking the next one!!!!



what a fantastic course, who knew that 'consultations and reports' could be so interesting. This is an area i really wanted some input and boy oh boy i definitely go that. I have loads of tools and an amazing structure to use, really engaging presenter. Whatever you are doing you need to do this course, its the next level in behaviour :)

Tania Chappelle

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