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Courses, Booking Information and Course Notes
4 day Practical Instructor Course
IMDTB and Correspondence Courses
IMDT Membership
Webinars and Zoom
Amending bookings

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop a line to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to find the answer for you….
Courses, Booking Information and Course Notes 

What is the most popular IMDT course to start with?
By far the most popular first course for people to attend is the 2 day ‘Career As A Dog Trainer’ course
For distance learning, the first course to complete is the accredited Level 3 correspondence course, ‘Learning, Motivation & Reinforcement’

Can anyone attend an IMDT course?
Whether you are completely new to dog training, or a seasoned trainer or behaviourist with lots of experience, you are very welcome to attend any courses listed on the IMDT website.
If you’re not sure which is the best course for you, simply email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

I’ve booked a course but cannot find my confirmation email?
Booking confirmations are sent out automatically when you book, so if you cannot find it in your Inbox, please check your Junk Folder
2 Weeks before your course date you will receive an email with your course notes, zoom links/venue details

What happens if I book a course with less than two weeks before my course date?
In addition to receiving an email two weeks before your course date with your course notes, zoom links/venue details you will also receive the same email the day before your course date - so it's never too late to book your course 
Any problems, just drop an email to [email protected]

I havent received my course notes who should i contact?
For IMDT course notes please contact [email protected]

Should i print off my course notes and bring with me?
Yes, if notes are provided before your course and you would like a printed copy, then by all means print them off and bring them with you.
Some people download onto their ipad and write notes on this way 

Are IMDT recognised worldwide?
Yes! IMDT courses and certification is recognised worldwide and we have presented courses in the UK, throughout Europe, Australia, The Far East and the Middle East.

Will I receive a certificate for all IMDT courses I attend?
Yes! The good news is that you’ll receive certification for every IMDT course you attend

4 day Practical Instructor course  

Do I need to bring a dog to the 4 day Practical Instructor course?

We would love you to bring your dog to the 4 day Practical Instructor course as it’s a very hands-on, practical course which the dogs love!
If you don’t have access to a dog, or you feel your dog won’t be comfortable, that’s no problem at all. Attend without a dog, the course content is exactly the same!
Correspondence courses

Do I need to start the correspondence courses at Level 3, or can I go straight on to the level 4 or 5?
It is recommended that your first correspondence course is the Level 3, as the Level 3 course lays an excellent foundation for future training and behaviour cases.
If you feel your past education and experience puts you in a position to start at a higher level, simply email [email protected] and we will happily recommend the best course for you.
How do the correspondence courses work?
You will receive an email from your tutor within 48 hours of booking. (please keep an eye on your email Junk Folder!)
All work-books and information will be emailed to you. As you work through your course, your tutor will always be at hand to support you via [email protected]
Each course is made up of units, as you successfully complete each unit with the support of your tutor, you then move on to your next unit.
Upon successful completion you will receive accredited certification from the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, PLUS your accredited OCN London certification.

 Are IMDT courses open for all to attend?
Yes, everybody is welcome to attend any IMDT courses.
 No prior attendance required, you’ll be very welcome!
How do I achieve listing on the IMDTB Behaviourist Directory?
IMDTB Membership and Behaviourist directory listing is achieved via successful completion of the Level 5 correspondence course

IMDT Membership 

Do I need to do any particular courses to become an IMDT Member?
There are no obligatory courses, although most applicants complete the 2 day Career As A Dog Trainer and 4 day Practical Instructor courses prior to assessment.
The route to becoming an IMDT Member is via successful completion of the IMDT Membership Assessment
How does the IMDT Membership Assessment work?
The IMDT Membership Assessment can be booked to be completed in-person, or remotely via Zoom.
There are 4 sections to the IMDT Membership assessment; Group Class, Puppy Home Visit, one to one session, Q&A.
For more details and to book, click HERE

How do I become a qualified IMDT Member?
IMDT Membership is achieved by successfully completing the IMDT Membership assessment, click HERE for details

How do I achieve listing on the IMDT Trainers Directory?
As soon as you successfully complete your Assessment and accept your offer of IMDT Membership, you will be added to the IMDT Trainers Directory so the public can easily find you to book your services

What courses do I need to complete to achieve the Level 3 OCN London certification ‘Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour’?
The route to achieving your Level III OCN London ‘Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour’ is via successful completion of the 2 day Career As A Dog Trainer course, the 4 day Practical instructor course, and the IMDT Membership Assessment

What do i need to do to renew my membership ?
You will need to submit 15 hours (IMDT) or 40 hours (IMDTB) of CPD per year, this is done via your online trainers account, in addition your yearly membership fee of £66 is automatically taken by Direct Debit
But dont worry we will contact you 6 weeks before your renewal date 
Who can I contact regarding my IMDT Membership?
If you’re an IMDT Member, please email [email protected]

Webinars and Zoom
How do the webinars work? 
Once booked, log into your IMDT account, click MY ACCOUNT then ONLINE COURSES.
You webinar will be there waiting for you!

Is there a time limit on webinars?
You can view your webinars as often and over as long a duration as you’d like.
Once booked, webinars remain in your IMDT account
Is it easy to attend a course via Zoom?
Yes, we’ve made sure the process is very simple, even if you’ve never used Zoom before.
You will receive a link via email for you to simply click on 5 minutes prior to your scheduled course start time.
Once you click on the link, you’ll be automatically guided to the session where we’ll be ready and waiting for you.
Full course notes will be emailed to you prior to the event.
Amending bookings
Please read the Terms and Conditions HERE
Any amendments will need to requested in writing via email to [email protected]

Where can I find the terms and conditions?
Right HERE!
Is it possible to buy IMDT gift vouchers?
Sure, click HERE

Hopefully you’ve found the information you’re after but if not, just drop us a line to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help 
Welcome to The IMDT!


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