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This course helped me gain the confidence and knowledge I needed to start my training career. I Would recommend to anyone thinking about starting their own business

Emma Boz

I went away feeling really motivated and inspired! Behaviour has been my passion for many years now and after finishing my Bsc in Animal Welfare at university, I really wanted to go in the direction of dog training and needed some guidance. I was referred to this IMDT course and I've not looked back since. Fantastic experience, would recommend to anyone!

Katie Munden

Massively motivational course. Very relaxed atmosphere. An excellent introduction to the awesome IMDT 'family'

Charly Franklin

To anyone thinking of doing this course, please be warned, it will change your life. I became even more passionate (obsessed) about dog training after this, and four years on, I am a proud full IMDT member and wouldn't have it any other way

Mel Thomason

Brilliant 2 days definitely gave me a solid foundation to build from took away so much valuable information. Met some really lovely people & made some great friends!! Would say that the two day course is an essential for anyone looking to work with dogs Thank you IMDT !!

Naomi Tracey

This course was a light bulb moment for me, I knew I had found the right place and people to help me with my career change into dog training. I was mesmerised and couldn't get enough of the information I was being given .... Addicted to IMDT

Tania Chappelle

Having lost my confidence with previous learning I have found that the 2 day course has been just what I needed to get my mojo back. Attending an IMDT course has made me feel part of a "family" where I know I will be trained and nurtured into being an effective and positive dog trainer

Carrie Holborrow

I learnt so much form this 2 day course. It is a brilliant stepping stone into the dog training world. IMDT is a fantastic school, I always leave feeling inspired and motivated.

Mel Hartnack

Searched high and low for somewhere that I thought could help me on the way to understanding and training dogs to the best of my ability I attended the 2 day course I was hooked. I truly have never met such a fantastic supportive group of people. After every course you feel excited and motivated. Love the mix of practical and theory in the follow on courses also. Highly recommend if your interested in working with dogs

Melanie Fletcher

The right blend of theory and practical and delivered with passion and humour this course is highly recommended.

Gwen Matear

As cheesy as it sounds this course did change our lives! We haven't once looked back, and have loved every other course as much after. You can't go wrong if you're looking for a career in dog training.

Jeanette & Gavin Muldoon

THE best decision I’ve ever made! So inspirational and very much allowed me to continue my dream. Everyone is so friendly and just wants to help you. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a trainer. The Tutors deliver everything you need to know, in the way you want to know it... BRILLIANT!!

Chris Cunningham

One course leads on to the next as by the end you feel empowered and excited for the next challenge. The next step to your career as a dog trainer should definitely start with the 2 Day 'career as a dog trainer' course. It's not as scary as you think!!

Oliver James

Brilliant course. So much fun and very informative. I struggle with home study with so much reading so I took this course which was interactive and entertaining and was thrilled with the amount of knowledge I gained.

Carly Duncan

This course is the best place to start for anyone thinking of starting a career working with dogs. I left these 2 days feeling inspired and with a real desire to learn as much as possible, I've never looked back I can honestly say this course has changed my life!

Helen Wainwright

The 2 Day career as a dog trainer course helped me to find what I was looking for, confidence, support., great friends and a job that I love. Steve has a brilliant laid back teaching style that inspires and educates at the same time.This course is a must for anyone thinking of becoming a dog trainer.

Lisa Hunt

I attended this course uncertain as to whether or not a career as a dog trainer was for me. Two days later I left feeling inspired and full of new ideas, which I put into practice by setting up my own dog training and pet care business 6 months later. I have attended all of the IMDT courses and sign up for the new ones as they come. The best career move I ever made!

Alun Freeman

I flew into the UK to take this 2 day career as a dog trainer along with the 4 day practical. I had taken some canine psychology courses online and was looking for the next step to my goal of becoming a dog trainer. Steve was ridiculously helpful with my 101 questions I bombarded him with by email before I committed to this course, and this was the reason I chose the IMDT. Totally kicked me up a gear in my enthusiasm for training

Natalie Sargeant

I knew I wanted to become a dog trainer but I needed to be sure that the information I was passing on to clients was actually going to help them and their dog. I also needed to know more about the science behind the training so I could properly explain my recommendations. This course gave me that knowledge and the confidence to start up my own business. The four years since have been amazing - filled with great people, gorgeous dogs and so many IMDT courses I've lost count.

Adrienne Critchlow

The two day course taught me more than the two year home study course I did. Fun and very informative.

Janet London

I left the 2-day course feeling very inspired and excited about my career in training. What makes this a highly recommendable course is the way it was presented. Steve Mann had us all laughing from the very start. As with any learning, if it's fun you stay focused!

Jemma Redhead

This was the first course I attended and I can highly recommend others to do the same. What I had learnt prior to this from books and correspondence courses, Steve managed to bring it all to life with his sense of fun and knowledge. I enjoyed it so much and was sad when it ended but excited about all the other courses I could book. A very motivating and inspiring course that is perfect for anyone

Collete Urquhart

I attended both the two day and the four day courses last year and hoping to do my assessment this year being lets say one of the more senior attendees i didnt know what to expect . i have never in my life came away from something buzzing wanting to train dogs more than ever If you love dogs love the thought of training dogs sign up now you wont regret it !!

Steve Taylor

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