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Behaviour Courses

Interested in canine behaviour?
We have a huge amount of courses focusing on specific behavioural topics, you can dive on a course as and when it peeks your interest and start building your knowledge or select courses based on what cases are coming your way.
The courses are open to all so if you are already a dog trainer, dog owner, dog walker, dog groomer, daycarer and fancy learning more then you are very welcome.

What is the route to becoming a behaviourist?
To become a good behaviourist you need to be a good dog trainer and vice versa, work through and pass your level 5 to get your IMDTB membership alongside learning your dog training skills. If you would like to discuss your career path, drop us an email and we will arrange an indepth chat with our team [email protected]

The Level 3 > Level 4 and Level 5 courses cover the necessary aspects in detail; behaviour identification, training and protocols, rehabilitation, medication, mental wellbeing and the necessary criteria for success on a behaviour by behaviour basis.

Attendees of IMDTB courses help more dogs and just as importantly, their owners.

These are the leading courses presented in the UK for all aspects of canine behaviour modification.

Completion of the Level Five 12 month Analysis and Application and successful completion of the IMDT Membership Assessment results in the successful candidate being listed as a Behaviourist on our directory and gaining permission to use the IMDTB logo and title for all marketing material


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