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1 Day Canine Body Language

This course is available for you to attend in-person at one of the locations listed below, or remotely via Zoom. The course content is exactly the same for each option. The day runs... [ Read more ]

£80.00 (+VAT)

This course is available for you to attend in-person at one of the locations listed below, or remotely via Zoom.
The course content is exactly the same for each option.

The day runs 10am-4pm 

If you choose the Zoom option, you will receive a Zoom invite and course notes 2 days prior to the event
This is a very popular course and we're very pleased to be able to deliver it to you with a choice of attendance options.

When you receive your link from Zoom, simply click on it 5 minutes before the seminar starts and we'll do the rest!

Via Zoom: Your home!
Hertfordshire venue: Oaklands College, Herts, AL4 0XS
York venue: Askham Bryan College, York, YO23 3FR
West Sussex venue: Brinsbury Campus, Chichester College, Pulborough, west Sussex, RH20 1DL
Liverpool venue: Liverpool Hope University, Hope Park, Liverpool, L16 9JD
Devon venue: High Bickington Comm. Centre, High Bickington, Devon, EX37 9HG
Scotland venue: The Conference Centre Mcsence Business Park, 32 Sycamore Rd, Mayfield, Dalkeith, Midlothian EH22 5TA
Southampton venue: Sparsholt College, Westly Lane, Sparsholt, SO21 2NF
South Wales venue: Pencoed College, Pencoed, CF35 5LG

DUBLIN venue: Positive Dog Training, Unit T2, Stillorgan Industrial Estate, Birch Avenue, Sandyford, Dublin 18, Ireland

"...if only they could talk!"

"Communication doesn't start when one speaks, it starts when one listens."
A whole day dedicated to the wonderful world of Canine Body Language with extensive video analysis

10am to 4pm

You will study:
  • Empathy
  • Environmental Influences
  • Observation Skills
  • Detailed Video Analysis
  • Interpretation
  • What Every Dog Trainer Needs to Know
  • How to Help the Owner
  • How to Help the Dog



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Course Feedback


I was a bit worried as had to do this course by Zoom instead of face to face. I needn't have been! Great course, lots of valuable information and advice if needed. Mus managed to keep it interesting and upbeat despite talking to a computer! Highly recommended this course.



This was a great day full of useful information that was delivered in an accessible and enjoyable way throughout. Mus is a great teacher who really knows his stuff and the video footage was a very useful way of illustrating the points being made, allowing us to engage meaningfully with the many different elements presented. I also want to say that I was really impressed by the procedures that were in place re. covid - everything felt very safe throughout. Thanks for a great day and see you for the next one!



Great course, delivered well, with plenty of examples shown through video. This is a must-do course for all dog professionals!

Jo Hall


Even if you think you know dogs you will learn SO much from this course, it's superbly delivered and everyone is friendly and welcoming. Would highly recommend to everyone!



Great 1 day course, for dog owners to pro trainers... from overview to in depth with slides videos discussion and q

Paul Firmin


You guys are fantastic!English is not my native language and I still have a lot to learn and you still manage to make yourself understud. You presented every step with various examples and that helped me a lot.Body language was the first course for me but for sure not the last one.



Everyone needs to learn this stuff at school... this course really opened my eyes to all the different conversations dogs clearly communicate through their behavioural repertoires... and how us humans so often let them down by failing to receive or not acting upon their polite messages. Fascinating how physical breed characteristics also cause confusion during interactions between different breeds. A great in depth discussion of the contextual associations we need to review before (mis)interpreting behaviours. And a very useful look at how we can better read our dogs in order to manage environmental stress / over-arousal / aggression, using this knowledge to better teach dogs how to live their best possible lives.



I thoroughly enjoyed completing the Canine Body Language day, very welcoming and friendly and the delivery of the course was easily digestible. Would highly recommend!

Joe Egerton


This is a really good course. Highly recommended.



Do it! If you own or are working with dogs, you need to do this course. It's brilliant, informative and great to learn



This was my 4th IMDT course and just as enjoyable and fascinating as the others. Delivered in such a relaxed way with good humour and always time to answer any questions and make sure people are getting what they want from the course, whilst staying on track to deliver everything seamlessly and never rushed. The teaching style is excellent (as I have found with all IMDT instructors) and so enjoyable that you almost don't realise how much you are learning.... until you get home and your brain starts processing all this new information!!Cant wait for next month and more courses!!! Thank you IMDT Team.



Great course and so important if you are working with dogs! Everyone needs educating on how to pick up on dogs body language to keep our dogs safe and allow them to be heard by signals!



This was my first course with the IMDT and I loved it! I'm new to the dog training world but I didn't feel out of place at all and Steve's enthusiasm and the course content has left me buzzing and excited to learn more. The course was engaging the whole way through and was presented in an easy to understand way. I didn't want it to end! I am already booked on to another course and am about to book another! Also as a side note, I was really impressed with the lunch provided as I have various intolerance's so bought my own lunch but they had actually provided gluten free lunches and soya milk. Massive thumbs up! I would highly recommend this course and the IMDT!! :)



This course is just amazing. It was my first but I'm already looking to book more. I've already recommended it to other people, so useful whether you're a dog owner, a dog walker or work with dogs in any other capacity.



I've been on a few IMDT courses and they have all been brilliant but this one has been my favourite so far. Really helped increase my understanding of canine body language. Steve helps put learning in to practical terms which really helps



It was a great course to attend to understand better of the body language.



Another great course, lots of information presented in a brilliant way. Thanks



I could sometimes be unsure ready a dogs body language but as usual after an IMDT course it's given me the confidence in my knowledge. Thank you folks.

Gary Holloway


This course is a must for anyone who lives, works with or associates with dogs in any way. Such a fun, educational day learning about my favourite subject. Thank you!



Great day, very informative as expected from an IMDT course. Put things into perceptive having the additional understanding. Love watching dogs now! Thank you.



This course was fabulous. I felt I already had a good knowledge of canine body language but this course made me realise that context and the bigger picture are more important than one single behaviour! Eye opening, fun and well presented. Would highly recommend this course for anybody who has an interest in dogs, works with them or owns a dog that they would like to understand better! Great stuff, thank you



This course is a must! Highly recommend. I learnt so much.



Awesome,. This course is a must for anyone who have a dog. Filled with knowledge + information. Imdt is in a class on their own when it comes to seminars and work shops, their coaching and communication skills are brilliant, I feel inspired and motivated for more, thank you IMDT.

Ellen frem Catch Hundetrening


A brilliant course that leaves you speaking another language with your dog. Massively useful base for other IMDT courses as well. I would highly recommend to owners and trainers.

Zoe Willingham


An amazing course led by Steve and Alison, I came away with loads of information and learnt so much. I booked the 4-day course whilst on the back of my experience here over the weekend. Met lots of doggy people and shared experiences. Back to work on the Monday I found myself observing the dogs based on the information I gained. Thoroughly recommend IMDT and the staff to anyone

Jan Harris


Steve is a really good teacher, really funny and informative. I learnt a lot on this course, and stuff I wouldn't have thought about



Well worth the time and money. As a dog owner I feel I can better piece together dogs body language to try and keep them comfortable



Essential for anyone who handles dogs. I've been geeking out on body language today whilst out walking and I will now been known as a 'dog watcher' not a 'people watcher'

Jo Carford


An absolute must for anyone who has anything to do with dogs. The course was delivered in Steve's usual style; fun, witty and informative, with the IMDT's usual friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Mandy Colins


This course was utterly brilliant and introduces you to the subtleties of dog body language, and how to interpret kinesics that the dog displays and what it means. You really will see a dogs movement and body language in an entirely different way and be able to understand and interact with them so much better. Steve made it understandable, fun and presented it with a lot of humour.



This course was brilliant, I learnt absolutely loads! As Christine said, a definite 'must' for anyone who works with or even owns a dog. Highly recommended.



A dynamic presentation of a fascinating subject!Aided by his canine helpers Pablo, Pele and Nancy ( so cute), Steve opens your eyes to the 'world of dogs', teaching you observational skills and interpretation, in a fun way.A brilliant course for anyone interested in Canine Body Language and well recommended.



Yet another excellent course from IMDT. A must for everyone who either works with or owns dogs. I learnt so much about what to look for when dogs are trying to communicate with us, things which can be missed if we are not "listening" to them. As always, Steve and the IMDT team were great. An fabulous weekend of courses.

Christine Adams


This course was fantastic! I learn't loads when it came to considering the small and quick signals dogs show when trying communicate with us which can easily be missed if you're not listening to them. I now can't stop looking at my dogs... Had a great day with lots of humor. Steve and the team were great. Thanks for a great weekend.

Lindsay Hermann


Brilliant course and a real eye opener - I am now looking at my dogs in a new light! There is so much to learn from how dogs communicate and this course provides the information needed to do just that.

Carrie Holborow


Fab course. At last I see what dogs are telling us and other dogs. Loved it.

June Quinn


Yet another great course. Steve makes you feel welcome and at ease. I describe him to my husband " like everyone's favourite big brother". I always learn something new ( even if it was only how well Pablo gives kisses!). Great venue. Great course content. Great bunch of delegates. Lunch was good too. Thank you. Steve and team.

Davina McMurdo


Attended this course this weekend. Steve's presenting is very easy to understand and humorous too which made it very easy to comprehend and more so enjoy. Pablo, pele and Nancy made the day watching their interactions. Now home and I have become my dogs stalkers watching their every move to practice 'reading' them. Great course, very informative in a relaxed atmosphere. Only one observation is the conference seating arrangement made it difficult to see the videos, much better when we moved seats around perimeter of room it gave clear view of screen.



I absolutely loved this course. Such a valuable aspect to working with dogs Learning about the subtleties of the canine communication which can easily be missed if you dont know what to look for. I could do this course over and over again LOVED IT!!!!

Tania Chappelle


Once you've been on this course you'll never look at a dog in the same way again! There is so much to consider when observing a dogs behaviour and body language and this course uses lots of practical demonstrations and opportunities to observe real life dogs in different environments. Well put together with a touch of comedy thrown in, makes for a fun and informative day.

Lucy Prosser

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