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Breed and Predatory Motor Patterns

A 45 minute webinar presented by David Brice, Head of Behaviour for IMDTB Book now and watch when you're ready, as often as you like! Your Certificate of Attendance will be attached to your order... [ Read more ]

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A 45 minute webinar presented by David Brice, Head of Behaviour for IMDTB

Book now and watch when you're ready, as often as you like!

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The dog's breed and predicted Predatory Motor Pattern will have a huge influence on their behaviour; both desirable and undesirable!

This webinar will give you the tools required to understand, live with and embrace the individual dog's breed characteristics and Predatory Motor Pattern :-
  • What are Predatory Motor Patterns?
  • Preatory Motor Patterns and Reforcement
  • Environmental Influences
  • Predatory Drift
  • Breed Specific Wellbeing
  • Breed Specific Puppy Development
  • Drive
  • Breed Groups and Characteristics
  • Video Observations and Analysis
  • Interruption of the Prey Sequence
  • Switching Reinforcers
  • Appropriate Enrichment
  • The Role of PLAY
  • Personality and Temperament
  • Important References
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Course Feedback


I have watched the predatory motor pattern and the learning theory webinars. They are definitely a must watch, fantastic and brilliantly explained, very informative. If you haven't already watched them I would definitely recommend

Beverley Kimber


This webinar saved me lots of research time as it pulled all the information together in one place. A great resource!



I really enjoyed this webinar. Really helpful for identifying breed specific games and ideas for training motivation. Absolutely nails the key points in a concise easy to understand way. Fab.

Lynne Hoyle


This Webinar, along with the learning theory have been so useful for the level three correspondence course. It’s cleared up my confusions over PMPs and I feel much more confident that I can put training and enrichment into place with different breeds to fit the individual dogs needs. Dave explains everything so well and the fact you can re watch these as many times as you like after purchasing means they will be a life long tool, both during my training and for me to train others.

Louise Gotsell


Everything you should know about predatory motor patterns in 45min.Enjoyed watching! A theme that is obligatory to know when working with dogs.Highly recommend.

Ana Inês Antunes


Thank you Dave for this, again very interesting course! So helpful to be able to do the right thing depending on the breed and personality of the dog we are helping! Knowing the benefits or dangers depending on the type of dog or individual! I am wondering how could we train properly puppies without this knowledge! Also regarding the webinar , this is so great to be able to view it as many times as you want, and go back when you didn’t understand something! I love it! BIG THANK YOU!!!!



On a wet afternoon i made myself a nice cup of tea and watched this great webinar, I loved every minute of it, a great presentation, so much cracking information which answered a lot of questions for me, this would also be a good assist for those students working on their correspondence courses, thank you Dave Brice.

Michelle Roberts


Watched this this morning.. absolutely brilliant! Learn’t an awful lot.

Maria Dent

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