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1 day - Separation Anxiety

This course is avaiable to attend remotely via Zoom Sunday 14th May 2023 or Sunday 13th August 2023 A real problem for a lot of owners today and an important skill set for Trainers to understand... [ Read more ]

£90.00 (+VAT)

This course is avaiable to attend remotely via Zoom Sunday 14th May 2023 or Sunday 13th August 2023

A real problem for a lot of owners today and an important skill set for Trainers to understand
This in-depth course offers content suitable for anyone interested learning more about Separation Anxiety, and compliments the syllabus for the Level Four Open College Network Accreditation offered by The IMDTB, 'Behaviour Consultations and Functions of Behaviour'

  • Video analysis
  • Case studies
  • Observing, assessing and analysing
  • Aetiology
  • Behaviour modification techniques
  • Pharmacology and non-perscriptive medication
  • Genetic influence on separation anxiety
  • Effects of development, handling and owner influence
  • Environmental effects on Separation Anxiety
  • Isolating the triggers
  • Management
  • Training protocols to support rehabilitation
  • Realistic prognosis and continued support

This course is avaialbe for you to attend via Zoom
The day runs 10am-4pm 

Remotely via Zoom: Sunday 20th November 2022, Sunday 14th May 2023 or Sunday 13th August 2023

With the Zoom option, you will receive a Zoom invite and course notes 2 days prior to the event
This is a very popular course and we're very pleased to be able to deliver it to you qwith a choice of attendance options.
When you receive your link from Zoom, simply click on it 5 minutes before the seminar starts and we'll do the rest!

Course Presenter: David Brice
The IMDTB is focused on helping excellent Dog Trainers with their behaviour problem cases, in a way which is responsible and educated.
IMDTB courses cover aspects of problem behaviour in detail -  including; behavioural diagnosis, treatment, medication and criteria for success on a behaviour by behaviour basis.
IMDTB courses provide education to help dogs and owners with problem behaviour.

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Course Feedback


Great course, clearly presented by Dave brice.Really makes one of the most difficult subjects easy to understand.

Phil Coyle


I knew this topic would have a huge amount of elements and be very involved. Dave broke everything down really well and made everything really clear for a great foundation understanding. Met some really lovely IMDT trainers and really enjoyed this course along with the others



Clearly very knowledgeable tutor about dogs and really genuinely cares about their welfare. The course itself was full of information, could easily have been a two day subject to be honest, but they packed so much useful information in, making sure people really understood the WHY before giving some practicable steps. Will definitely be booking more sessions with IMDTB

Jonny Hargraves


This course covers a ‘mahoosive’ amount of information in a short time, however Dave goes through it with expertise and understanding making it easier to learn. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to help dogs and their owners with Separation Anxiety.

Paul Lawrie


Such a great course to give a clearer understanding of what 'Separation Anxiety 'actually is and how to identify the causes of the anxiety or unrest the dog is experiencing. Dave gives some great pointers for further reading as it's a bigger area than you would think!... and a clear checklist of what you can do to start the process of finding out enough information to support an owner with a dog presenting symptoms.

Jules MG


Another excellent course from Dave. There is SO much information packed into a single day, which was brilliant, but I kind of wish it had been spread out over 2 days as there was so much to take in! Dave presented everything in a clear and accessible way throughout and was really helpful in terms of answering questions etc. It was also really helpful to have reference to individual case studies. Plenty of further reading provided to ensure that you're able to stay on top of the latest developments in this fascinating area. Another fab day - thanks so much!



Another very informative course. Many thanks.



Good balance of science and simple, Dave explained the complexities of diagnosing and treating actual or perceived separation anxiety in a way that was accessible to all. The 'take-away' tips were many and, although I was concerned that a zoom course would be lacking in something, I was happily proved wrong. A great day spent lounging with my needy dog whilst learning a lot of good stuff!



Superb tour through an incredibly complex topic. Another course that will leave you wondering how you managed to learn so much in a relatively short period.



This course was excellent today.When you think you know all you need to Alun takes you a huge leap forward. A must especially in these lockdown times.Keep them coming IMDT



The zoom run course was well organised and lots of useful information. Dave was a very knowledgable tutor. Enjoyed the course. Thank you.



Really enjoyed this SA webinar thanks David! Informative



As always an absolutely fantastic seminar from Dave Brice. Just the right amount of information so you're not bored but also not brain dead, just perfect. This is a must for anyone working around dogs that may be suffering from separation distress. There is so much to learn and take in that you will be making plenty of notes so make sure that you are prepared to learn a lot, but in a very easy to understand way. Thanks again as always.



Awesome course covering a subject that crops up all the time from my clients. Dave went through the whole subject covering many examples and gave some really good suggestions for how to manage SA. A course I will likely repeat in the future to refresh my knowledge.

Jo Hall


Another brilliant course! David has a way of explaining all the technical science stuff in a way that makes it simple and easy to understand. Really interesting and definitely recommend.

Michelle Smith


This was a very enjoyable course with so much information to take home and absorb. David is always great at putting technical information across in an accessible format and is so friendly and open to questions; he is happy to explain things further should anyone want/need it. I found that the case studies helped put the modification protocols into perspective. They helped illustrate the importance of the whole investigative process and of rule outs. I learned such a lot. Just brilliant, I love his courses.

Sherie New


Seperation Anxiety -Before attending this course Seperation Anxiety is something I would have shyed away from but since attending I've had the confidence to accept my 1st client with SA. Thank you Dave for another great course.



This course is absolutely brilliant, my dog has separation anxiety and she has improved so much with the methods and advice. It is a must do for all trainers and behaviourists as the case studies are brilliant. Great tutor!



Excellent course, I love that David Brice has so many cases from personal experiences which he can recall to emphasis a point. Nice relaxed teaching style with regular breaks, I'm so glad I made the decision to start on the IMDTB courses to help with my personal development and as my business grows they will be invaluable.

Jan Harris


Fabulous two days full of information with interesting case histories. Very well presented by Dave Brice with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. Brilliant course and I would highly recommend to anyone interested in learning more about separation anxiety and skills with approaches to tackling all the complexities involved.

Andrea Taylor


One my favourite IMTD courses! Waited all year for this one and wasn't disappointed! Thank you, Dave!

Emma Deegan


Excellent course , Dave presents it in a way that's easy to follow without getting lost on the geeky stuff. A must do for any trainer that wants in depth knowledge on how to modify seperation distress in dogs .

Lisa Lo


This course is packed with insight into what causes Separation Anxiety, breed disposition and life history, and help to identify SA among other potential problems.Lots of detailed and practical information how to reduce the dog's distress, and as importantly, to help owners understand the importance of their own role in their dog's treatment plan.Highly recommended to everyone working in any area with dogs.



Amazing course, loved every minute, gained some amazing up-to-date information. Highly recommend.

Alan Grant


Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this two day IMDTB course.

Caroline Gale


Amazing content amazingly presented!!

Charly Franklin


Thank you for a great two day course, full of great information, fun, relaxed and friendly. I came away with so many new ideas and loads of new upto date information that will help my future clients. I am looking forward to booking the next course with you. x



An extremely well presented and interesting course with lots of well documented information. . I thoroughly recommend anyone interested in canine behavioural problems to attend the next course.

June Quinn


Great course! Really in depth, full of information that was all backed up by loads scientific research, and presented by a brilliant speaker. Followed up with so many great resources to continue learning about all the variables that make separation related behaviours so interesting long after the weekend has finished. Absolutely loved it.



A superb course packed with tons of thought-provoking information and case studies. Highly recommend .



What a fantastic 2 days course this was. We learnt so much and it provided us with so much clarity on a problem which is becoming so common amongst the dog world. The follow up email received from IMDT also provided a list of resources which is fabulous! We can't wait to book our next course!



Excellent course, really in-depth and informative. The follow up email with an extensive list of resources on the subject was an extra bonus. Well worth attending if you have an interest in behaviour.



What a jam packed 2 days! full of scientific research put across in such a heartfelt and digestible way that kept you on your edge of your seat, didn't want the 2 days to end and can't wait for the next instalment of my IMDTB journey, well presented with ooddles of fact to help the canine world in such a honest and inspiring way.



What a fantastic 2 days! Brilliant speaker with lots of easy to understand science based knowledge to help us understand how to recognise, deal with and treat the symptoms. A wealth of knowledge AND experience guiding us every step of the way to set us and our prospective clients up for success. Really really well done, this has been one of the best courses I've done this year :)



Awesome course - great content focusing on scientific research and details and very well presented. Looking forward to the next IMDTB course

Chrisanne Massetti


Excellent course - really interesting and explained very, very well. Thoroughly enjoyed it and it has made me confident about dealing with this type of behaviour problem in the future. I definitely recommend it.



I thought this course was excellent!



OMG. The course I have been waiting for. Absolutely fascinating and gripping. So much well presented information, science based observation based and a plan of how to do the Consultation and the training. Explanations of the different types of anxiety under the SA umbrella. Well done IMDTB. Now booking next IMDTB course.

June Quinn


What an awesome course, technical details (which is great), but explained well in simple terms, questions answered quickly and easy. Would certainly recommend. A really nice, a clear speaker and good presenter. Thanks you



Fantastic course. A has a wealth of knowledge and presents the information in a way that engages the audience.

Malcolm Donald

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