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1 day - Resource Guarding

This course is available for you to attend remotely via Zoom. The day runs 10am-4pm  With the Zoom option, you will receive a Zoom invite and course notes 2 days prior to the... [ Read more ]

£90.00 (+VAT)

This course is available for you to attend remotely via Zoom.

The day runs 10am-4pm 

With the Zoom option, you will receive a Zoom invite and course notes 2 days prior to the event
This is a very popular course and we're very pleased to be able to deliver it to you with a choice of attendance options.

When you receive your link from Zoom, simply click on it 5 minutes before the seminar starts and we'll do the rest!

Attendance course dates and locations can be found below:-

Scotland: McSence Conference Centre,  32 Sycamore Rd, Mayfield, Dalkeith, Midlothian EH22 5TA
Saturday 13th February 2021

Via Zoom: Sunday 14th March 2021

Southampton: Sparsholt College, Sparsholt, Southampton, SO21 2NF
Saturday 1st May 2021

Hertfordshire: Oaklands College, St Albans, Herts, AL4 0XS
Saturday 23rd October 2021

1 Day Course

Course Presenter: David Brice

This in-depth course offers content suitable for anyone interested learning more about Resource Guarding, and compliments the syllabus for the Level IV Open College Network Accrediatation offered by The IMDTB, 'Canine Behaviour Modification and Consultancy'

The IMDTB is focused on helping excellent Dog Trainers with their behaviour problem cases, in a way which is responsible and educated.
IMDTB courses cover aspects of problem behaviour in detail -  including; behavioural diagnosis, treatment, medication and criteria for success on a behaviour by behaviour basis.
IMDTB courses provide education to help dogs and owners with problem behaviour.

1 day IMDTB Resource Guarding Course:-
Resource Guarding
- Observing, assessing and analysing
- Aetiology
- Behaviour modification techniques
- Pharmacology
- Genetic influences on Resource Guarding
- Effects of development, handling and owner influence
- Environmental effects on the Resource Guarding dog
- Isolating the triggers
- Management and Control
- Training skills to support rehabilitation
- Realistic prognosis and continued support

Dave is a full time tutor and assessor within adult education and has worked at Wood Green Animal Shelters, mainly employed within the intake and behaviour modification area of the shelter. The work centred on helping the dogs adjust to the shelter environment, temperament assessments, ongoing behaviour modification within the shelter and home check and support visits to new adopters.
Dave holds Diplomas in Companion Animal Behaviour & Training up to and including Level 5 (Ofqual) through COAPE, who he subsequently worked for as a tutor, course writer and assessor for five years.
For the past ten years Dave has run a full time behaviour practice in North Norfolk dealing with all aspects of behaviour modification and training.  He also provides continual professional development (CPD) for veterinary practices on various behaviour based topics and provides guidance on setting up and running safe, productive and stress free puppy parties.
He has written, tutors and oversees all of the IMDT Correspondence courses and IMDTB seminars on a wide range of behaviour related subjects.
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Course Feedback


Well presented and easy to understand, very informative and any questions are welcomed. Absolutely loved it and looking forward to the next!

Donna Miller


Enjoyed the course . There was lots of useful Information . The course was well run and Dave an excellent knowledgeable tutor. Thank you.

Marion pegge


Another brilliant course! Brilliantly delivered by Dave Brice. Very informative, have taken a great deal away from this. Highly recommended.



A fascinating webinar full of fascinating information that's relevant not only to this particular issue but that ties into behavioural issues more broadly. It was incredibly comprehensive and up-to-date, and will undoubtedly inspire the participant to research further. Incredibly thoughtful practical advice given, addressing the needs of the canine professional, the guardian, and the dog, while also exploring in detail the aetiology (including the neurochemistry) of what is commonly termed resource guarding. Delivered in a highly accessible manner with a lightness of touch that makes the assimilation of information feel effortless to the learner. Just smashing!



This is a great course and I really appreciated having the opportunity to discuss this within a classroom environment, with a group that were throwing out superb questions all of the time and pushing the boundaries of the subject quite a way out. Dave provides many fascinating examples for the control and management of canine behaviours, drawing on his years of experience to keep the content entertaining, relevant and concise. He also offers lots of really important advice for people working with canine aggression and resource guarding cases. As always, I learned a huge amount and met some more lovely IMDT'ers.



Explained at a level that is easy to understand and not intimidate, the course was fascinating and fulfilled my expectations. Thanks David, would highly recommend

Michelle Smith


I attended this 2 day workshop this weekend it was informative and covered the subject in depth with the right amount of science and practical applications.



A course that certainly exercised our brains! Lots of science to do with the chemistry of the brain on day 1, which is fascinating and allows you the opportunity to build up your knowledge of the topic from a sound scientific basis as well as individual case studies that give the subject four legs in everyday life! The course notes allow individuals to further explore this subject at their own pace, as notes are clear and the supporting references allow you the opportunity to do further indepth reading of primary source material.

Susie and Alan Page


Excellent course, learning theory and protocols plus group brain storming on real case studies. Fun and very informative, led by Dave Brice with referencing from his extensive experiences in the dog training world :)

Jan Harris


A very well put together and comprehensive course, focusing on all aspects from the dog's, care giver 's and trainer's perspective. Thorough case studies strengthened the theory learning. Relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. A really useful course to attend.

Julia Kettle


thank you for yet another very good course, learnt loads as usual. thanks again



Great course. Loved it very much and highly recommend it.



What an absolutely fasinating course. So enjoyed it and would highly recommend this course. Dave was brilliant.

Gary Holloway


A fantastic course brilliantly presented and full of useful information, case studies and plenty of questions and answers talked through. Huge thanks to IMDT and Dave Brice for an enjoyable two days of learning. Highly recommended.

Andrea Taylor


Loved the course. Very enjoyable and very informative and useful. Dave was fantastic, The Positive dog training venue was perfect - staff so friendly and helpful.Lots of refreshments available, We are very much looking forward to going back.

Jill Hyslop


Absolutely brilliant course... does exactly as it says on the tin! This is my 3rd course here and I would highly recommend them. The course contents are easily understood and the lecturers are always happy to answer your questions. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. Tea coffee and snacks are available too. Liz is friendly warm and welcoming and Roxanne her wing woman is friendly and easygoing.... perfect learning environment

Marie Johnston


This was such a clear eyed, honest analysis of the complexities of resource guarding, presented with great compassion for these troubled dogs. Lots of practical guidance and protocols as well as 'the science bit'. Great stuff, thank you.



A fantastic 2 days spent learning all about resource guarding you think you know a lot about something but then Imdt throw something that you wouldn't have thought of or make you think about things in a whole new light ,very informative 2 day's, throughly enjoyed every minute and have taken home a whole new set of stuff to work on not just with my own dogs but clients aswell ,thanks to Steve Mann for putting such fab courses together and of course the brilliant David Bruce for being a great speaker and making things so easy to understand

Nikki Thurgood


I have just attended the IMDTB Resource Guarding course presented by David Brice and I just want to recommend it to anyone working with dog behaviour!Even though he covers a lot of advanced information he made it easy to understand with plenty of practical advice to implement straightaway in daily work.It’s really highlighted a lot on issues and made me look at the behaviour from many more angles. Looking forward to his future seminars!

Ida Welch


Excellent course, covering a complex subject but presented in an easy to understand way. Would highly recommend.



Really enjoyable course with lots of interesting information and presented in a very easy to understand way. I would highly recommend this course.

Lisa Hunt


Thoroughly enjoyed this course, as I have done the others. Very interesting and enjoyable. Highly recommended.


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