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Canine Adolescence. 3 hours

The Canine Adolescence Webinar   An in-depth 3 hour recorded webinar for you to watch and revisit time and time again   Presented by David Brice, Head of IMDTB   Development... [ Read more ]

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The Canine Adolescence Webinar
An in-depth 3 hour recorded webinar for you to watch and revisit time and time again
Presented by David Brice, Head of IMDTB
  • Development
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Training
A webinar to help guide trainers through the background complexities of adolescence, how to communicate with owners and how to approach the training opportunities and behaviour changes of the adolescent dog.
The aim of this webinar is to give working Trainers and Behaviourists the information needed to support the carers of adolescent dogs.
  • What is adolescence?
  • Onset and offset
  • Neurons and neurotransmitters
  • The brain and adolescence
  • Stress; effects on adolescent behaviour
  • Canine-human relationships
  • Puppies
  • Separation distress
  • Primary emotions in mammals
  • Spay and neuter studies
  • Too much pressure?
  • What we can do to help
  • Helping the owner to help the dog
  • Video footage and case studies
This webinar is delivered in two parts, when booked you will receive two webinar presentations titled ‘1 of 2’ and ‘2 of 2’
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Course Feedback


I decided to take this course as my pup has recently reached adolescence. Whilst he is almost always the perfect dog, I was interested to learn more about this stage in his life to help me understand his more "difficult" moments. I have to say it was a very interesting webinar and has helped me to learn a lot more than I expected when purchasing. I would recommend to those currently in that "difficult" phase with their pups but also to people with adult dogs to help them understand more about why they're the way they are as well.



This webinar is fantastic, packed with so much information 😊

Lorraine Tester


Great webinar, very interesting, provides fascinating look in to how the adolescent mind develops and how outside influences can impact upon learning.

S Sinclair


Fantastic webinar by Dave Brice. Very detailed information about the adolescent dogs mind and behaviour. Very interesting and thought provoking. Some great case studies and implementation of a plan to assist the dogs. Like with the Learning Theory and PMP webinars I will be going back to this webinar multiple times as so very useful for working with adolescent dogs. Thanks so much Dave!



I've been a Veterinary Nurse all my life and thought I knew it all ... then I retired and got a puppy! Thank you for such amazing advice.



What a fantastic Webinar! This has really helped with my studies and cannot recommend it enough!! Dave has a really great way of phrasing information to make it easier to understand and process. I think more neuroscience went in from this than my degree in Psychology! Thanks again Dave. :)

Harriet Newman-Rose


This is definitely worth the money. A brilliant in depth look at adolescents, how their brain works and why it affects behaviour. It's an essential in understanding adolescent dogs if you are running classes. Going into detail with the latest up to date info on spaying and neutering it gives a really full picture of this phase in a dogs life and why we need to support them through it with force free training. Excellent and clear delivery of a complex subject.

Nicola Richards

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