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Ofqual Regulated Level 3 Professional Day Care and Boarding

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All accredited IMDT distance learning courses can now be paid for via monthly instalments. The payment plan means that you can book and start your course now, but can spread the 'Interest Free' payments over a more comfortable period of time.
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Upon successful completion you will receive the 'Green Tick Level 3 Ofqual Qualification' logo to display on your website and all marketing materials.

Defra has recently revised the Animal Activity Licensing Regulations  
The new legislation was brought in from 1st October 2018, was most recently updated on 28thSeptember 2022 and applies to staff of all Dog Day Care and Boarding establishments.
This course reflects all of the latest updates to the legislation to ensure you have the latest knowledge 

This 2 month correspondence course is designed to satisfy the new licensing requirements for those wishing to achieve the Higher Standard set out in the Animal Welfare Licensing guideline.
Qualification:  Level 3 OCN London Qualification Regulated by OFQUAL

Ofqual Course Register: Qualification Number: 603/4145/2

Course Title:      Professional Day Care and Boarding
Duration:             2 months
Delivery:             Distance Learning

You can book today, and state on the booking form when you'd like to actually commence your first unit

No need to wait for 'term' time to begin.

Hours:                Flexible, to fit in with your own daily routine
Available to all
Animal Activity Licensing Regulations 

Defra has recently revised the Animal Activity Licensing Regulations  
The new legislation was brought in from 1st October 2018, was updated 1st February and 1st June 2022 and applies to staff of Dog Day Care and Boarding establishments.
Licensing will require that to meet the Higher Standard, a member of staff with a relevant Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation OFQUAL regulated Level 3 qualification must be present during the working day at the Day Care or Boarding establishment.
The course is made up of two units, Canine Welfare and Canine Care.
Each Unit requires approximately 30 hours of study.
The course totals 60 hours of study, the guideline is 7.5 hours per week study time to complete the course within 2 months, however, the course may be completed sooner.

When you book your course, you will receive your welcome email, course guide, and the workbooks for Unit One and Unit Two for this course.
Your Tutor will be available by email for any support and guidance throughout the duration of your course.
Upon completion you will receive certification from The IMDT, and your Ofqual Qualification Certificate to satisfy the licensing requirements.
Unit One - Canine Welfare: Professional Day Care and Boarding
·      Record and License Keeping
·      Animal Welfare Regulation Conditions for Canines in Care
·      Staffing Requirements
·      Training Policy
·      Living Environments
·      Security Measures and Requirements
·      Emergency Procedures
·      Injury and Illness Prevention
·      Hygiene Requirements
·      Social Access and Separation
·      Feeding Protocols
Unit two - Canine Care : Professional Day Care and Boarding 
·      Environmental Enrichment
·      Physical and Mental Wellbeing
·      Monitoring of Canine Behaviour
·      Training Methods
·      Socialisation and Habituation
·      Transportation
·      Handling
·      Legally Required Procedures to Prevent Pain, Suffering, injury and Disease
·      Isolation Procedures
·      Storage and Disposal of Waste
·      Medication Handling Procedures

Once booked, both units will be sent to the student

For efficiency, all correspondence between Tutor and Student on this course is via Email

To complete this course you will need access to a computer and coursework is completed in Word.

Level 3 OCN London Qualification Regulated by OFQUAL: Professional Day Care and Boarding

Ofqual Course Register: Qualification Number: 603/4145/2

Suitable for all wishing to achieve the Higher Standard licensing

This course is listed by Ofqual on their official Register 
Ofqual Qualification No. 603/4145/2


The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations

Guidance notes for conditions for providing home boarding for dogs

"...Higher Standard

• A person responsible for the care of the dogs with a relevant OFQUAL regulated Level 3 qualification must be present during the working day."


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Course Feedback


A brilliant and informative course. My work was quickly marked and I felt like help was there when needed. I would definitely recommend this course.

Lucy Anderson


Was nervous starting the level 3 professional day care and boarding as haven’t been in a study environment for quite some time! I am opening my own kennels. I found the course content very interesting and of course informative. Naively I didn’t think there was as much to think about; all of which now makes perfect sense. Really learnt so much that will be useful as my journey to opening continues. Would definitely recommend and the tutors very helpful if you have a wee waiver in the process! Many thanks IMDT 😊

L Flanagan


I found this very interesting and informative - it also really helped when applying for my boarding licence - would highly recommend anyone doing this if they are wanting to do this as a profession.



Really helped me learn key factors when working with dogs and rules to follow. They let me resubmit a couple of questions and very informative with the corrections.



I found this a really informative course, I can't believe how much I learned. I was given the chance to re-submit a couple of questions and the tutor's comments really helped me to clarify my answers. The tutor's are very supportive and come back to you very quickly. I highly recommend this course.



Great course, very educational and interesting, also a quality bunch of staff they are always wanting to help you be successful! thanks again team

bradley f


So informative, thought provoking and interesting. I really enjoyed the course and I’m so, so glad I took it. This will really be a huge string to my bow, when the council come to inspect my premises so I can gain a home boarding licence. (With a precious higher star rating!) It’s made me feel fully confident to extend my already successful pet sitting and dog walking business. Many thanks. Worth every penny. I’m already sure it won’t be my last course! :)

Jo Martin


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help



I was nervous about studying again and required some support with referencing which was provided. I was given the chance to resubmit following advisory notes from the tutor before final marking. I managed to fit in the time required to complete and work full time with a busy family to look after. Really pleased I made the decision to do this and hopefully will put into practice all I've learned soon!



Professional day care and boarding level 3Really enjoyed the course, well worth the effort if your thinking about home boarding and all the things that need to be considered. Excellent feedback from the tutor

Jayne Stott


A fantastic course. Allows you to study in your own time and tutors always on hand to help.



This is a must do course if you want to run your own dog daycare and boarding business. The course covers everything you need to know, including the regulatory information. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I have signed up for the first aid course too. Would highly recommend.

Janet Leedham


Very informative course, covered so many important topics. I would very much recommend this course to anyone interested in Day Care or Home Boarding.



I’m so happy to have completed this course. I never really enjoyed studying and I was nervous about it but the guidance and feedback from the tutor was so helpful and supportive. It has given me a huge confidence boost, so thank you.Really impressed and would highly recommend it.Elaine



Great course, very informative for someone who has just moved into a new career in dog boarding and daycare and felt it important to expand my knowledge.



I am absolutely thrilled with this qualification. Thank you all so much. At 57 years old, it was a little daunting to go ‘back to school’ and a steep learning curve on setting out answers. I’m so grateful.



Good Course, I was terrified about studying on a limited timescale, 30 yrs after leaving school. You get plenty of information on how to format and reference when you start the course. The tutors are good at getting back to you. I learnt a huge amount and the knowledge I have gained, I know will be invaluable.



Really benefitted from this course, gave direction as to where to get information required and how to present it. Would recommend to everyone who loves dogs. Thank you.

M Brown


Brilliant course! Thoroughly enjoyed it, learnt a lot and was also a great refresher. Would definitely recommend.

Lisa Allen


Fabulous course, learnt so much, I was unsure about referencing but the tutors were very helpful with advice, highly recommend



Really great study materials and guidance - I learned so much and look forward to continuing my development with IMDT…



Enjoyable course with good content. Email response was quick and helpful.For someone who hadnt studied for over 20 years everything ran smoothly with good feedback throughout. Highly recommended



Brilliant course, very informative, feel like I've gained alot of knowledge

Kate Fletcher


Having not been a school for a good few years and certainly never having to reference course work, I thought the course would be daunting. This wasn't the case and from start to finish the Tutor and the admin staff were supportive and answered any questions I had. The course makes you think about the service you provide and indeed learn from the course. If you are put off by coursework or the fear of not understanding - don't be. It's truly worth doing. From me to my Tutor Dave "Thank You".

Julia Dunn


Great course that you are able to learn in your own time. Highly recommend if you work in or want to start your own doggy day care or home boarding.



Quite an involved course learning-wise, but so worth it. I feel much more confident in starting up my home boarding business. I can highly recommend this course

Helen Snowden


Excellent course highly recommend if you are want to pursue a career in daycare and boarding



Fabulous! I learned so much doing this course, quite challenging in some areas as its a long time since I left school! Very proud to have passed this particular qualification and would recommend it to anyone wanting to go into doggy daycare or boarding. Tutors were on hand if help or advice needed too. Quality course.

Mich Stanbury


Great support from Tutors and helpful feedback. Overall good course. I managed to fit this in around a busy schedule and learnt a lot.

Sara Larner


This course is really enjoyable and there is lots of information to learn from it. The tutors were on hand and really helpful whenever I had any queries. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to offer the best possible service for their clients.



Really enjoyed completing the course and was very grateful for the support from the tutors. Very fascinating subject material and a lot of insights into the world of dogs - Highly recommended if you put the time/effort in



The course is very informative and designed to be flexible to fit in the busy work schedule. It offers a strong foundation for those who consider opening day care or dog boarding facilities. Tutors are in regular contact to offer support. I strongly recommend it.



A really interesting course requiring lots of practical thinking and research ! Easy to follow and great pre course advice ! Good fast feedback Now ready to add Day care and Home boarding to our range of Canine care services at The K9 Care Company in Dorset



Well structured course and great tutor support. I started with little / no formal knowledge and feel as though I have a thorough understanding now of the requirements for home boarding, and can almost recite the DEFRA regulations by rote, which sounds dull but is really useful :-)

A. Abbott


I have just completed Level 3 Professional Daycare and Boarding, which I found extremely interesting and I learnt a great deal. I now feel ready to take on my new job in a daycare centre, a big thank you to the staff and tutors for all their help and support! I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in dogs/wanting to work with dogs.



A very detailed and informative course. The tutors are always available for full support and guidance. Highly recommend this first class company!

R Proctor


An extremely useful and informative course that will prove helpful for both new and those of us who have been working in the sector for a number of years. It gets to grips in a practical way with the new legislation around Day-Care and Boarding and can be carried out at a rate that fits in around already busy schedules. The tutors were very approachable, personable and of course knowledgeable.

P. Darvell


Haven’t studied for a long time so it was great to have the IMDT guidance

Wendi Wright


Having attended a few courses before, IMDT was my first choice when I decided to study for my Doggie Daycare qualification. I found that all the content was clear and easy to follow and the help and feedback I received on my first unit really helped me to know what was expected with unit 2. I passed with a great mark so thank you very much, couldn’t be happier



This is the first time I have done on-line training and was understandably worried about the level of support and communication IMDT would provide throughout the course. Their communication and guidance has been excellent and they always responded to any questions promptly. I found many aspects of the course both interesting and helpful. Thank you for all your help.

Dee Murrell


The course is very well laid out and there was guidance and good communication when I needed it. A great experience overall and I can highly recommend this company.

Lindy McClean


Exceptional course- a must for anyone caring for dogs in day care or boarding facilities.The tutors were very Knowledgable and helpful with any problems or issues within the course.Marked quickly and efficiently and overall I have gained an enormous amount of Knowledge.I would Highly recommend this course to anyone involved with dog care on a daily basis or wishing to start up a small business



The course was put together in a way that is easily understood and manageable. The tutor was very helpful and was always available when I had questions.The successful completion of the course now means that the business can get a 5 star rating and I feel equipped to lead my team of dog professionals



I decided to do this course so that I could offer day care or boarding to existing clients (dog walking) if they required it and therefore wanted to ensure I was fully knowledgeable in the legislation requirements so I was providing the best possible care for their dogs. The course covers all of what I needed to know and more! The suggested reading materials were so informative and covered the science of how dogs learn which I found really informative.Day care licence no pending All in a all a great big 5 stars from me - great course



I have just completed this course , I have dyslexia and have been running my own day care and boarding business for quite a few years, I really wanted to achieve this certification. I found this course very manageable, I have learnt a lot more that will help me with the business going forwards. The tutor support was excellent and the units were marked and returned quickly.



I was sceptical about learning online but the support and information given certainly consolidated my learning. Highly recommend this course for all involved in the Day Care and Boarding. The Tutor support and feedback was invaluable.



This course is interesting and informative. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of working with dogs. Tutors were helpful and supportive when I needed advice.



We are starting up a daycare centre in Mansfield and this course has been an absolutely fabulous course to finish. It is very informative and makes you think about some of things that you need to include. Tutors are very helpful and quick to respond if you need them. Excellent. Thanks to IMDT for their support with this very informative course.

Stuart Norman


A very worthwhile course to complete. Both units are very well presented with useful and relevant information whilst encouraging the participant to do their own further research. The course has a distinct focus on dog welfare which can only be a good thing and the reading material gives a deeper insight into how dogs perceive the world around them. It also thoroughly tests the participant's knowledge of the rules introduced in 2018. The tutors are very quick to respond and provided useful feedback. Thanks for an enjoyable course! Will definitely be looking at more in the future.



I took this course so I could get The Higher Standard Licence for my Doggy Day Care licence. Great flexible way to learn The tutors are very helpful and very quick in answering any questions you have. Would recommend.



I took this course so I could get The Higher Standard Licence for my Doggy Day Care licence. Great flexible way to learn The tutors are very helpful and very quick in answering any questions you have. Would recommend.



Really enjoyed this course! I’d definitely recommend to others

Megan Mosley


I chose the course with IMDT as I felt the items covered in the unit were the most appropriate option to help me in setting up my day care business. The contact with tutors was available whenever I needed it and they came back to me very quickly when I had any questions. I would recommend them to anyone considering a boarding or day care business.

Katie Hibberd


I took this course while preparing for a career change and am glad to have done so. I found the workload manageable to do alongside a full-time job, and that the level of the material was both enough to stretch and educate without being overwhelming. It certainly opened my eyes to the level of detail that you need to consider when running a daycare/boarding business, and to the nuances of dog behaviour. Responses and feedback from the IMDT were prompt, helpful and encouraging. I would certainly consider using a similar programme from the IMDT for a further education.

Jon S.


Decided to embark on this course and so delighted that I did! I have learnt so much and feel confident to get established now. Having not studied for over 15 years I need not have worried, the tutors are really supportive and the questions are broken down to aid your learning and progression. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Alison Beddoes


Great course really enjoyed doing it, tutors always there if you need anything would definitely use them again



I have just completed this course and thoroughly enjoyed it. I run a day care and home boarding business so this course was particularly interesting and I could complete it at my own pace. The modules were marked and returned quickly with great notes on the answers.

Sara Keedy


Really enjoyed this course and as a busy mum could complete at my own speed.



Fabulous Course, Learnt a lot and the support was fantastic. Would definitely recommend and I plan to do further study with the IMDT.



Fantastic course, I have learnt so much. I could not recommend enough!!!

Kerry Clark


I've just finished this course. It was so interesting and I really enjoyed it. I run my own boarding business from my home and the course is heavily based on home boarding and includes a question or two about doggy day care. The second unit looks more into the behaviour of dogs. The unit's were marked quickly. I'd highly recommend.



I genuinely enjoyed and thrived with this course. The tutors responses are constructive and helpful and they really do encourage you the whole way. They are there to answer your questions and are very helpful. I will be doing more courses with them as it’s as such a smooth process! Highly recommended no matter what your ability



Amazing. Really enjoyed this course. Set out very well and easy to understand. Will highly recommend to anyone in the future. Looking into some more courses with Imdt. Thanks for an amazing course



Great flexible way to learn with quick responses to any questions. Really enjoyed the further reading, a some of which goes against common perceptions but make so much sense when you read it in context!



Much enjoyed the course, very informative with excellent recommendations for reading. Would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to achieve a better, safer and more secure environment for their day car and boarding pups.

Gary Clark


I have really enjoyed this course and found it very informative to prepare for a dog day care and Boarding business. It guides you through the requirements to achieve a license and more. The flexibility of the course was excellent as I could work through it in my spare time and submit units in advance of my deadline if I wanted. The reading suggestions have also proved invaluable and helped further my knowledge and build my confidence in understanding canine behaviour.



A very interesting and enjoyable course. I have learnt so much. It is great being able to work at your own pace and the online support is excellent. Any concerns are dealt with quickly and efficiently by Lin and Dave. I will certainly be putting my new knowledge into practice. Thank you IMDT



Brilliant course! I'm in the process of applying for my licence and this course has helped me understand the relevant regulations better. Unit 2 was also very interesting and informative. Tutors were very supportive and helpful. Thank you IMDT!



Great course, very informative, helpful and the feedback is great. Thoroughly enjoyed doing the course and recommend to anyone doing dog boarding and daycare. Thanks!

Rebecca Gascoigne


Excellent course. Essential course for anyone offering home from canine home from home daycare and boarding. I completed this course prior to applying for my first licence. It has given me a great foundation to start from and provided with me with essential knowledge for my work ahead. It is an excellent way of gaining a better knowledge of the animal welfare regulations and really helps in cementing this knowledge. Will definitely be returning to IMDT for further training for career progression. By the way their canine first aid course is absolutely fantastic too!

Eleanor Sanderson


This course will teach you essential info you need to start any dog boarding or day care business



I found this course very enjoyable, and valuable. The behaviour side (unit 2) I found particularly fascinating, so much so I've signed up for another behaviour course.David and Lin are both very knowleable and helpful and give excellent feedback when marking the submitted units.The course itself is very well laid out and approachable.If you are considering completing this course, then I highly recommend it.

Lynn Hatfield


Absolutely brilliant . The course taught me so much and the tutor was amazing. My advice is - book it and don't hesitate, you will not be sorry.

Karen U


A very informative and interesting course to take, particularly if you are running a dog home boarding and daycare business

Nicky Cole


Great informative course with good guidance structure and interesting additional reading.



Great course, any questions I had throughout were answered within a day allowing me to crack on with the work, feedback given on the units was detailed and very helpful to guide me in the right direction. Both units also provided a list of extra reading which is very helpful to continue my studies.



I've just finished this course and I have to say, it was very educational and enjoyable! I would recommend anyone wanting to work with dogs to do it - whether you need it or not for whatever route you go down. Its a great way to learn the rules and regulations and get more of an insight into dogs and how they think!



Excellent course, highly recommend if you want to offer home boarding

Kerry Burles


I found this course very interesting and extremely helpful for my dog day care and boarding business. Highly recommended.

Anna Iley


Very enjoyable and informative course, with excellent correspondence! Looking forward to the next one.

S Casson.


Great course, easy to follow and really interesting!

Amber Fox


This course was really worth it, I learned a great deal and feel much more confident running a daycare and home boarding establishment now. I highly recommend it.



I really enjoyed doing this course. It is extremely useful for anyone running a boarding/day care business for dogs, as it helps you have a good understanding of the Regulations. It has given me some great ideas for my new business.



A really good course to do very interesting and informative. Recommended for anyone to do.



Very educational, lovely supportive tutors, clear course with key skills, would highly recommend.

Daisy Beardsley


As well as being a requirement I also found this course informative, good tutor support and feedback.

Kate Park


Great course for people just starting up in the business or those wanting to recall the ins and outs of the government guidelines. The tutors were very helpful.Many thanks IMDT.



I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this course, it's been a great learning experience and the tutors are quick to respond with any advice needed.

Lorna Beecroft


this course was very good it gives you lots of information, and gets you prepared for starting your dog business. the instructors was very supportive, and helpful.

janet briggs


I have really enjoyed the course. It offers a really strong foundation for anyone interested in dog care. Tutors helpful and responsive with good feedback on papers submitted.

Craig M


Absolutely fantastic course. Highly recommended for all those working in boarding in day care. The support from IMDT was great, with emails answered promptly and easy to follow guidance given.

Joe Egerton


I really enjoyed this course, I learnt a lot and it has given me the confidence to go forward and realise my goal of starting my own dog care business

Paula Pedder-Smith


An excellent course with guidance within the course unit documents that helps you to properly reference the relevant source information. The background given into animal behavior and psychology is particularly useful. The tutor's responses to the submitted documents showed that they had been submitted to a stringent evaluation. I would recommend this course to all animal care professionals.



Excellent course. It gives in depth knowledge about regulations. Everything is written in understandable language and they give you recommendation what you should read. If you want to run your own business then you will find this course very helpful.



The course provides a good understanding of current regulations and knowledge of dog care.



Excellent Course for anyone licensed in Daycare or Home Boarding or entering the industry. Covers a wide scope of topics relating to the regulations and looks at various behaviours and how situations impact on the dogs overall welfare. Highly recommend to anyone looking to add a formal qualification to their existing knowledge.

Andrea Sandhu


Excellent course which ensures in depth knowledge of the relevant regulations and encourages inependent reading around the subject. Tutor feedback is prompt and positive with guidance as to improvement where required. I now feel fully capable and confident in offering a highly professional service to clients. Thank you, IMDT!

Christine Bell


Excellent course for anyone caring for dogs. The tutors are very supportive throughout. Thank you



Really enjoyed the course including the psychology and found it very motivational and inspirational. The support and guidance from the tutors was great too

Katie Chambers


If you are thinking of opening a business where caring for dogs, this course is a must!! IMDT are at hand to keep you on the right track throughout...Good luck with your course! Thank you IMDT.



This is such a great course to help you understand the new regulations. It’s easy to follow and you’re provided with excellent support from your tutor. The books suggested are a must as they help you answer the questions in more depth. Overall 5* from me. Thank you IMDT.



Excellent course, covered a lot of the legislation which is really good to ensure you get your head round it but also there were some really good practical questions in there that enable you to use this format again in real life, so was really useful. Some great books also suggested to read which are actually really interesting. Tutors were great, very responsive.



Excellent and very relevant course with so much information on new regulations and covering welfare, behaviour and care of dogs. The course Is over a few weeks so is very manageable. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone wanting to complete Ofqual Regulated level 3 qualification. Excellent feedback. 5 star rating from me.



This course is brilliant! I currently work at a Doggy Day Care and I’ve learnt so much doing this course. It’s a must for anyone in this line of work. If you are unsure of anything the tutors are on hand to guide you, so whilst it’s a correspondence course you are not left on your own. This course has given me so much confidence and as I’m booked on more course I’m hoping that one day I will have my own Doggy Day Care with a 5 star rating!! 🤞🏻

Louise Clarke


Since starting my own business as a dog walker and home boarder I wanted to increase my knowledge base. I have completed a couple of courses with Imdt in the past few months and they have been worth every penny. I am so much more confident working with dogs and the diploma course ensures I can give customers the best possible care for their dogs. My bank manager will not be pleased to know I intend doing many more courses with Imdt in the future!

Andrew Powell


Really enjoyed this course! Interesting to gain more understanding of the Regulations and enjoyed learning more about welfare and care. Tutor was fantastic, with very helpful feedback. Thank you!



Having just completed and passed, yay, this course, I can highly recommend to anyone in business or working with dogs. Has given me a great insight into scenarios, regulations and all relevant aspects of working with dogs. Having not ever studied in this manner, I have to thank my tutor David for being so patient and given guidance. Study time, I would say took me slightly longer, more that I wanted to read and digest everything. A really good and detailed course. Would highly recommend.



This course is very interesting! In my opinion it should be the 1st course to do when we want to start a business with dogs being a dog trainer or a dog walker. I have learned so much doing this course. My tutor was very supportive and efficient. This course helped me to clarify things I have seen during the other courses. It gave me a lot of confidence improving in my knowledge. Now I don’t want to stop and I am ready to start the 6 month course! Thank you for your tutoring and amazing course!



I found this course to be very relevant for dog home boarding providers like me. I would recommend it to anyone looking to achieve an OFQUAL regulated level 3 qualification. The support provided by the tutor, Dave, was very good - I always received speedy responses to my various queries. Thank you IMDT



I found the course extremely beneficial and it will enable me to provide a higher level of care for dogs boarding with me. It is both relevant and practical covering the new regulations and behaviour / care. of dogs. There is a lot of material to cover in the course, but by spreading it out over the weeks it is more than manageable. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone providing home boarding / day care or dog owners wanting to know more.



Thank you again for a really insightful and comprehensive course. Studying with you has piqued my interest of working with and studying our canine friends even more.’



I found it really enjoyable as well as learning so much. Highly recommend this course.

Sarah N


Have just finished and passed this course, thoroughly enjoyed this correspondence course with Dave, great step on learning ladder and so informative of the new legislation. Would thoroughly recommend, don’t let age be your excuse, in my early 60’s just wish I had started this journey a few years ago.

Tina Wilson


This is a great on line course, with very understanding tutors. I found this really beneficial in expanding my knowledge and understanding of dogs and the legal requirements for dog boarding. I would definitely recommend this for professionals as well as those of us who just want to be better at understanding our own dogs and becoming better dog parents!



This is great course to complete! It covers all the necessary areas for boarding and care of dogs, I feel much more informed and ready to put my new knowledge to practise! I can't wait for my certificate too



Excellent course for anyone involved in caring for dogs. The recommended books were well worth reading so I really enjoyed the study and the tutor was extremely supportive so 5 stars from me.

Patricia Hutchinson


Fantastic course to take. All tutors are on hand to help you at any time. This is really going to help out anyone in the animal care industry. I’m proud to display my certificate

Helen lockett


We have recently purchased a boarding kennels and, as well as placating the Local Authority Animal Care Officer, the course has been really useful. It has given me a sound knowledge of the 2018 regulations and a greater awareness of caring for dogs and their general welfare



I very much enjoyed the learning and completing the course

Paula H


A really thorough and helpful course for anyone involved in dog boarding, daycare etc. The qualification went a large way in helping me gain 5 stars for my license!

Pat Walsh


I have just completed this course and can highly recommend it; perfect for a wide cross section of people - If you are new to Day Care/Boarding it gives you a great insight into the regulations and also on canine welfare that will be beneficial in operating. If you have Canine qualifications/accreditation's already it is a brilliant top up and refresher to keep on top of your CPD and because the IMDT are on top of the latest humane Care/Training methods it keeps you ahead of the field -- The time-frame is about spot on - I logged my hours and did around 70 the course is flexible (I did around 3 hrs a day for unit 1, broken down into 1.5 hours in the morning and night, and then had a week off while work was being done at my home for unit 2 ) -- Tutor support is always available . Another great course, Thank You and Well done !!

Jon Davison


I only signed up recently for the course and already find the course content extremely relevant to my job and the new regulations, plus the support from my Tutor is excellent. 10 out of 10!

Heather Nicoll

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