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Ofqual Regulated Level 3 Professional Day Care and Boarding

This 2 month correspondence course is designed to satisfy the new licensing requirements for those wishing to achieve the Higher Standard set out in the Animal Welfare Licensing guidline.  ... [ Read more ]

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This 2 month correspondence course is designed to satisfy the new licensing requirements for those wishing to achieve the Higher Standard set out in the Animal Welfare Licensing guidline.
Qualification:  Ofqual Regulated Level 3 Qualification

Ofqual Course Register: Qualification Number: 603/4145/2

Course Title:      Professional Day Care and Boarding
Duration:             2 months
Delivery:             Distance Learning

This course can be booked and started anytime. No need to wait for 'term' time to begin.
Bookings open:  Now

Hours:                Flexible, to fit in with your own daily routine
Available to all
Animal Activity Licensing Regulations 2018 

Defra has recently revised the Animal Activity Licensing Regulations 2018
The new legislation was brought in from 1st October 2018  and applies to staff of Dog Day Care and Boarding establishments.
Licensing will require that to meet the Higher Standard, a member of staff with a relevant Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation OFQUAL regulated Level 3 qualification must be present during the working day at the Day Care or Boarding establishment.
The course is made up of two units, Canine Welfare and Canine Care.
Each Unit requires approximately 30 hours of study.
The course totals 60 hours of study, the guideline is 7.5 hours per week study time to complete the course within 2 months, however, the course may be completed sooner.

When you book your course, you will receive your welcome email, course guide, and workbook for Unit One.
Your Tutor will be available by email for any support and guidance throughout the duration of your course.
Upon completion you will receive certification from The IMDT, and your Ofqual Qualification Certificate to satisfy the licensing requirements.
Unit One - Canine Welfare: Professional Day Care and Boarding
·      Record and License Keeping
·      Animal Welfare Regulation Conditions for Canines in Care
·      Staffing Requirements
·      Training Policy
·      Living Environments
·      Security Measures and Requirements
·      Emergency Procedures
·      Injury and Illness Prevention
·      Hygiene Requirements
·      Social Access and Separation
·      Feeding Protocols
Unit two - Canine Care : Professional Day Care and Boarding 
·      Environmental Enrichment
·      Physical and Mental Wellbeing
·      Monitoring of Canine Behaviour
·      Training Methods
·      Socialisation and Habituation
·      Transportation
·      Handling
·      Legally Required Procedures to Prevent Pain, Suffering, injury and Disease
·      Isolation Procedures
·      Storage and Disposal of Waste
·      Medication Handling Procedures

Once booked, both units will be sent to the student

For effeciency, all correspondence between Tutor and Student on this course is via Email

To complete this course you will need access to a computer and coursework is completed in Word.

Ofqual Regulated level 3 Qualification: Professional Day Care and Boarding

Ofqual Course Register: Qualification Number: 603/4145/2

Suitable for all wishing to achieve the Higher Standard licensing

This course is listed by Ofqual on their official Register 
Ofqual Qualification No. 603/4145/2


The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018

Guidance notes for conditions for providing home boarding for dogs

November 2018

"...Higher Standard

• A person responsible for the care of the dogs with a relevant OFQUAL regulated Level 3 qualification must be present during the working day."

 Verification Image

Course Feedback


This is great course to complete! It covers all the necessary areas for boarding and care of dogs, I feel much more informed and ready to put my new knowledge to practise! I can't wait for my certificate too



Excellent course for anyone involved in caring for dogs. The recommended books were well worth reading so I really enjoyed the study and the tutor was extremely supportive so 5 stars from me.

Patricia Hutchinson


Fantastic course to take. All tutors are on hand to help you at any time. This is really going to help out anyone in the animal care industry. I’m proud to display my certificate

Helen lockett


We have recently purchased a boarding kennels and, as well as placating the Local Authority Animal Care Officer, the course has been really useful. It has given me a sound knowledge of the 2018 regulations and a greater awareness of caring for dogs and their general welfare



I very much enjoyed the learning and completing the course

Paula H


A really thorough and helpful course for anyone involved in dog boarding, daycare etc. The qualification went a large way in helping me gain 5 stars for my license!

Pat Walsh


I have just completed this course and can highly recommend it; perfect for a wide cross section of people - If you are new to Day Care/Boarding it gives you a great insight into the regulations and also on canine welfare that will be beneficial in operating. If you have Canine qualifications/accreditation's already it is a brilliant top up and refresher to keep on top of your CPD and because the IMDT are on top of the latest humane Care/Training methods it keeps you ahead of the field -- The time-frame is about spot on - I logged my hours and did around 70 the course is flexible (I did around 3 hrs a day for unit 1, broken down into 1.5 hours in the morning and night, and then had a week off while work was being done at my home for unit 2 ) -- Tutor support is always available . Another great course, Thank You and Well done !!

Jon Davison


I only signed up recently for the course and already find the course content extremely relevant to my job and the new regulations, plus the support from my Tutor is excellent. 10 out of 10!

Heather Nicoll

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