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k9 1st Aid

K9 First Aid is an essential course for dog owners and trainers It is not only essential but also knowledge needs to be refreshed regularly to ensure as dog professionals we have the most up to date... [ Read more ]

£65.00 (+VAT)

K9 First Aid is an essential course for dog owners and trainers
It is not only essential but also knowledge needs to be refreshed regularly to ensure as dog professionals we have the most up to date knowledge 


  1. Basic health signs
  2. Basic kit
  3. Assessment
  4. Vital signs
  5. Body check
  6. GDV/Bloat
  7. Eye injuries
  8. Shock
  9. Anaphylactic shock
  10. Insect stings
  11. Poisoning
  12. Heat stroke
  13. Epilepsy
  14. Drowning
  15. Choking
  16. Burns/scalds
  17. Bleeding
  18. Breaks/sprains
  19. RTA
  20. Bandaging
  21. CPR

This zoom presentation is presented 'live' with opportunity to ask questions 

Presented 6.00pm - 9.00pm for convenience and accessibility 

You will receive a Zoom invite and course notes 2 weeks prior to your course date and also the day before your course date if you book with less than two weeks to go so everything is easy and taken care of for you 

On the evening of your course simply click on the link 5 minutes before the webinar starts and we will do the rest


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Course Feedback


Far more knowledgeable in K9 first aid after this course. Very informative. Thank you Alun.



Very Educational and informative. Came across well and was able to ask questions and again experience. Thanks Alan

Sarah Price


Super informative course, presented by Alun in a fun and engaging way. Hopefully will never have to use the information in the course but I’m confident that I’d know what to do now. Thanks Alun!

Vikki Burgis-Loader


Fab course. So more information, with lots of advice on keeping yourself safe as well as the dogs



Perfect course for dog owners like me! The course was pitched at the right level and very engaging. I particularly enjoyed the bandage demonstrations. Thank you.



Really excellent course, though I hope I never have to use it! It was presented in an engaging and informative manner. Learnt a lot, as always with the courses. A must for anyone with dogs. Thank you Alun, everything clearly explained and chance to ask questions. Highly recommend



I have done few courses with IMDT not to become a dog trainer , even so I do work with dogs, but to have a better understanding of my dog and make sure that he has an Amaaaazing life. But I did realise that, offer him a safe house , good food and training was definitely not the priority, the priority was to be able to have the knowledge to deal with, if at any point in his life, an accident that could happen. Now, I do.Another very informative course, again , explained in such of details, that, it covered all my expectations and even more.Once again thank you IMDT and see you on the 14th of may for another, I’m sure , brilliant course.



Really excellent course, though I hope I never have to use it! It was presented in an engaging and informative manner. Anyone who has a dog or cares for dogs should do this!



Great course, very informative with clear instructions. Alun made the course interesting and fun, would definitely recommend for anyone with dogs or anyone caring for dogs.

Steph Murphy


This is knowledge you hope you will never have to use. Clear and informative covering a range of topics we should all be aware of as custodians of dogs. Great course, thank you.

Liz Nicholson


Very informative clear and easy instructions to keep you and you dog safe and help in an emergemcy



Great course - excellent coverage of a lot of topics - sufficiently in depth to give you confidence you'd recognise a problem (and they are not all obvious!) and then know what to do to give your dog the best of chances in all situations. Plus a few top tips to be prepared... thank you

Suzy Anderson


This is an excellent course for anyone who owns or works with dogs. The information provided is very easy to follow but comprehensive and is all things that could be readily applied in a real life situation. It's about being able to give the dog immediate attention that could save its life until it can get professional vet attention. Tutor was very knowledgable and explained things in an easy to follow way. Highly recommend.



I've wanted to take a canine first aid course for a while, and this one was well structured and comprehensive, and the instruction and demonstrations were clear.



The course was very good. I found it informative, interesting and fun.

Viv McDonnell


Very useful course whether an individual dog owner or you have a business involving dogs. I learnt a great deal too. Length of the course just about the right amount of time too.

Samantha Rothwell


This was an excellent and well presented course, the content was comprehensive but clearly delivered and easy to follow.I would recommend it to anyone, I did it for my own pets but anyone involved with dogs would find it enormously helpful.



Brilliant must have course for anyone who has any involvement with dogs, lot's of fun

Carol Lyon


Fantastic course, both informative and enjoyable. And the beagles were so well behaved.



I just attended an on-site course in Madrid with Alun as our trainer. It was wonderful! Alun is a fountain of knowledge, and the First Aid course was very well organized and very well presented. Alun was a very approachable trainer, and I felt comfortable asking questions, and confident in his answers and explanations. The content is very impressive and important for any pet owner to know. Their First Aid Course is definitely worth it! Thanks Alun!! I've already checked the mucous membranes of both the cats!!!



Brilliant course for everyone working with or owning dogs. I am a qualified non practicing VN, and found this course a great refresher and something that everyone that has or works with dogs should do. Alun is a great tutor, and offers a great balance of technical and practical knowledge. I will definitely be re-booking again in a couple of years for a refresher.

Zoe Willingham

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