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Professional Dog Walking Certification

Dog Walking: Care, Welfare and Professional Practices Presented by David Brice IMDT Head of Behaviour.   A comprehensive series of four seminars presented via Zoom over four afternoons:- Special... [ Read more ]

£190.00 (+VAT)

Dog Walking: Care, Welfare and Professional Practices

Presented by David Brice IMDT Head of Behaviour.

A comprehensive series of four seminars presented via Zoom over four afternoons:-

Special introductory price: £190 + vat for all four seminars and certification!

October 2024 course
Saturday 19th October 2024 2pm - 5pm
Sunday 20th October 2024 2pm - 5pm
Saturday 26th October 2024 2pm - 5pm
Sunday 27th October 2024 2pm - 5pm

February 2025 course
Saturday 1st February 2025 2pm - 5pm
Sunday 2nd February 2025 2pm - 5pm
Saturday 8th February 2025 2pm - 5pm
Sunday 9th February 2025 2pm - 5pm

June 2025 course:-
Saturday 14th June 2024 2pm - 5pm
Sunday 15th June 2024 2pm - 5pm
Saturday 21st June 2024 2pm - 5pm
Sunday 22nd June 2024 2pm -5pm

NB: if you can't make a particular date, don't panic! We'll record the session for you and send a link for you to watch within 7 days of the session you've missed.

We will send you the links to simply click on to join each session.

Full certification upon completion

Course feedback received from an Animal Welfare Officer:-
"Thanks for a great course, really really impressed with that, and it would probably solve most of the issues we have with dog walkers in a day or so if they did half of what was in there!"

This is an important course ideal for anyone who is walking or contemplating walking dogs professionally.

The seminars are based not only around the practical aspects of running a dog walking business but also delve into the many areas that contribute to the dog’s welfare whilst they are under your care.

This complex subject involves knowledge of the law, risk assessment, canine welfare, canine behaviour and behaviour change, introducing dogs to each other, dog body language, handling and numerous small considerations that can easily be overlooked.
Along with the science, skills and business considerations required to work in this way, the seminars include tips and important observations that have kindly been suggested by experienced professional dog walkers.

The seminars include video of different scenarios with dogs, linked to handling, breed typical behaviour, dog to dog introductions and observing body language in general.

At the end of the fourth seminar an assessment sheet will be sent out for completion by all attendees of the complete seminar series.

A 75% score will class as a pass for the course, with a certificate to confirm this; any attendee that doesn’t achieve this mark will be allocated a certificate of completion.

Please see below for seminar content 

Part 1:
  • What does your job entail?
  • The skills you need to master and maintain.
  • Your clients: Communication, contracts, access and guidance
  • Records
  • Health and Safety
  • Risk Assessment – dogs, people and the environment
  • Collecting the dogs
  • Recognising poor welfare, sick or injured dogs
  • Dog Breeds and Individuals
  • Research and further reading
Part 2:
  • Welfare of other dogs, people, and wildlife
  • Insurance, DBS checks, GDPR
  • Transportation: vehicles, crates, harnesses, cleanliness
  • Transportation: Safety, theft, welfare
  • Waste disposal
  • Welfare; protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease
  • Care visits and company for dogs
  • When walking isn’t an option – suitable play, enrichment.
  • Research and further reading
Part 3:
  • Equipment: Clothing and essentials
  • Monitoring Behaviour
  • Body Language
  • First Aid and Veterinary support
  • Medication?
  • Allergies
  • Emergency planning
  • Walking equipment
  • Handling Skills
  • Weather
  • Research and further reading
Part 4:
  • Council Regulations
  • Dangerous Dogs Act
  • How many dogs can you handle safely?
  • Exercise levels, age, mobility
  • Introducing new dogs
  • Recognising Stress, Anxiety and overarousal
  • Frustration
  • The effects of pain on behaviour
  • Training walks
  • The Business bit.
  • CPD
  • On-line Assessment

NB: if you can't make a particular date, don't panic! We'll record the session for you and send a link for you to watch within 7 days of the session you've missed

You will receive a Zoom invite and course notes 2 weeks prior to your course date and also the day before your course date if you book with less than two weeks to go so everything is easy and taken care of for you 

On the afternoon of your course simply click on the link 5 minutes before the seminar starts and we will do the rest


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Course Feedback


I have found the course helpful. It’s nice to have the certification even after I have been both a volunteer for years and have my own business for years. I thank you for putting a great program together and there is always something new we can learn in life.

Helyn-Rose Parrott


Without doubt, this should be the "go-to" course for all prospective and established dog walkers. The course focuses on best practices throughout and is delivered in a friendly manner. Thank you so much for setting me on a good path towards a reputable and prosperous business!


Excellent course, very useful content, well presented with slides and easy to take notes during the webinars. Opportunity to ask questions throughout was also useful and gave additional information from others with experience. Great that if you can't make one of the sessions you can use the recording. I would highly recommend this course. Communication from tutor was excellent. Thank you.

Angie Braidwood


This course is a must for all dog walkers. The tutor’s are extremely knowledgeable and experienced and the content covers a range of topics in detail. Even if you have been doing the job a long time, this course is the cherry on the cake!



A very informative course. I was a little bit wary purchasing this course as I wasn’t sure how much new information would be presented. However it is well worth the money. Recapping what you already know in a different way and learning new ways of thinking and doing - very well worth it. Thank you very much!

Suzi Apps


This was a really useful course. Even if you have years of experience and lots of training accreditation, there's loads in it to jog the memory, remind you why you do the things you do and tighten up knowledge and procedures that maybe need a refresher. I definitely recommend it.

Doug Thackway


Thanks so much – delighted to have passed. This is the first course I’ve done with IMDT and I’m definitely going to do more.You gave us so much information in a very digestible way with the mix of videos, slides and examples so thank you for that.



Many thanks for a fantastic and enjoyable course. Plenty to learn combined with great input from you and the attendees.



An excellent course which was very informative and enjoyable. I can highly recommend.



Thank you again for a well delivered course which I have learnt a great deal from.



Thank you so much for the Dog Walking lesson. So much food for thought! All the learning I’ve gained has actually really taken a load off my mind as we’ve had so many queries and concerns about the day-to-day running. It’s been great to have all those questions answered! I’d really recommend this course, especially if you’ve been in the business for a bit of time.



Thank you for this very complete course about dog walking. One more certificate with Imdt! This is the course I wish I had 6 years ago when I have started my new career. So I highly recommend it to everybody starting with dog walking, but also to more experimented dog walker like I am now as you always learn something and it is good to refresh and more importantly to keep your knowledge up to date.



Thank you I just received my email. I am so pleased with my result. This was a great course, really informative. I have already made lots of positive changes to my walk and admin. Thank you.



A very enjoyable and comprehensive course jam packed with useful information and best practices! This is a must for any dog walkers/animal care providers out there, and has given me a lot of confidence and reassurance!

David’s Doggie Adventures


Thank you for an excellent course, I am already applying the knowledge to my work day.



Thank you very much for an excellent course!



Thank you for the course and assessment - it was AMAZING. Totally worth every penny. I'm hoping to complete some more courses with the IMDT in the future.



The course was brilliant, and I look forward to taking on another course soon!



Just wanted to say thank you so much for running this course; I've gained invaluable knowledge and practices that are incredibly useful going forward, and have increased my confidence in areas I felt unsure!



I was delighted when I got an email at the end of last year about this new course. Dog walking needs to be regulated!It's an excellent course with a wealth of information, well presented - The IMDT presenter was great at answering all our questions and giving out helpful advice and tips.



The course was excellent… super helpful for someone who’s just starting out!! Can’t wait to do the assessment now and get my badge of honour! I will definitely be doing more courses!!



I really enjoyed the course and am now looking forward to the Consultation and Follow-up course in a couple of weeks...



Throughly enjoyable course packed full of useful information. Would highly recommend to dog walkers who are just starting out as well as established walkers.



I really enjoyed the course and found it informative. I have been dog walking for 2 years but I found it great to make sure all my knowledge was topped up and so I can provide the best service.



Another great course from the IMDT!



I hugely enjoyed the course which incorporated invaluable information which I hope I can implement should I decide to take up a Dog Walking or Pet Sitting Business. It certainly helped gain up to date information and was great to be able to access this all online. Thank you very much IMDT.DE



Another informative course with the IMDT. You can tell there’s been a lot of thought about the content so that all the information is bang up to date and really relevant and really highlights how much we need to know in the industry. Doing it over the 4 days was really helpful too. I really enjoyed it.



I really enjoyed this course. The content was both administratively practical for managing a business in this environment and the for walks on the day to day front with some great illustrations on canine communication. The course was delivered flexibly considering the day to day (Mondays to Sunday) nature of our business and the of the course was engaging and thought provoking. I throughly enjoyed it and the online convenience of the course just hit the spot! A pragmatic and practical approach for those hoping to or already in the industry. Thankyou IMDT.

Jo Sutcliffe


Today I received the news that I passed my professional dog walking course 🙂. I took the course to make sure I am as knowledgeable as possible on Dog law, first aid, dog behaviour, health and safety and good practice. Such a great course with The IMDT and Steve Mann Dog Training Page

Sirius Pet Care


Great course for those wanting to get into the dog walking industry



Everything about this course has been a thoroughly enjoyable learning process, from the first webinar, through all of the further reading and research sections. I shall take this opportunity to say a big "Thank you," for creating this fabulous course



I'd just like to say I found the course very beneficial and interesting. A big thanks for hosting this and going through so many topics with such detail. It also helped by having the other experienced walkers within the course material. I hope to one day have a future with IMDT, starting with the 2 day dog training course in Dublin this month.



I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have taken away valuable information that I can implement into my dog walking business. Thanks so much for providing such an opportunity for dog walkers and pet sitters, it is much needed in this industry I feel.



It’s an excellent course. I’m already thinking about updating my terms and conditions.



I very much enjoyed the recent seminars and in addition to reviewing my current knowledge, certainly gained new knowledge as well. I will be signing up for more courses in the near future.



Thank you Dave and IMDT - this course is so, so good! My head is full to bursting with great information; things I can do to build my business and importantly, I feel far more confident that I can now do the very best I can for my clients and their dogs.



Lots of legal info I wasn’t fully aware of, very interesting. I have been involved with dogs for years so this is bringing me bang up to date on stuff I was missing. Thank you!



I’ve been dog walking professionally for 8 years. There’s information on this course that has already proved to be invaluable, and that’s only after the first zoom session. It’s also great being able to share experiences with other dog walkers up and down the country. I’ve only had experience of working with adult dogs and from adopting a couple of my own. The information about working with puppies was fabulous giving me another notch to my belt. I’m really looking forward to the next 3 Sunday afternoons. A fabulous course for new and experienced dog walkers. Nobody can ever know enough.



A well thought out and presented course that has been created to support professional dog walkers of varied experience. It was great to see that operators in this profession have been consulted and shared their views and ideas, as well as lots of ideas being shared throughout the first session. David was scribbling them down like mad, to add to future sessions, so everyone who books in the future can take advantage of the additional information shared. I know that my clients, and the dogs I walk, will feel the benefit of the new ideas and confidence that they have a certified professional looking after them.

Paul McGuirk


Really enjoyed the first lesson Very informative and well presented My business is 5 years old but I still had great value in this Wish it was around when I first set up, anyone new or thinking of setting up, this is gold!

Lynsey Rathjen

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