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Behaviour Case Studies Day

A variety of dates and venue options available including:- Saturday 5th December 2020 Special Remote 1 day course course. Delivered via live Zoom straight to your home! The day runs... [ Read more ]

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A variety of dates and venue options available including:-

Saturday 5th December 2020
Special Remote 1 day course course.
Delivered via live Zoom straight to your home!
The day runs 10am-4pm with breaks as normal
Attendees will receive a Zoom invite and course notes 2 days prior to the event
This is a very popular course for Trainers & Behaviourists and we're very pleased to be able to deliver it to you remotely.

When you receive your link from Zoom, simply click on it 5 minutes before the seminar starts and we'll do the rest!

Other Venues & Dates:-

Hertfordshire 28th March 2021
Oaklands College, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL4 0XS

Scotland 20th June 2021
The Conference Centre Mcsence Business Park, 32 Sycamore Rd, Dalkeith, Midlothian EH22 5TA

Southampton Sun 8th August 2021
Sparsholt College, Westly Lane, SO21 2NF


Case Studies - Motivation & Functions of Behaviour

Course Presenter: David Brice

The IMDTB is focused on helping excellent Dog Trainers with their behaviour problem cases, in a way that is responsible and based around sound education principles.

IMDTB courses cover aspects of problem behaviour in detail - including; behavioural diagnosis, treatment, medication and criteria for success on a behaviour by behaviour basis.

IMDTB courses provide high quality education to help dogs and owners with problem behaviour.

1 Day Case Studies – Motivation & Functions of Behaviour:
This one-day seminar explores a number of different cases, focusing on the background, causes, motivations and functions of the behaviours that clients have reported as problematic.
The format for the day is based around guided discussion and a group approach to each case. By approaching the cases in this way, it is hoped that everyone will be able to both input and learn, through discussion and exploration of the specific situations involved in each situation.
The format for each case follows that of the Case Study requirement for Unit 5 of the Level 5 correspondence course – Analysis & Application
After an introductory presentation, for each of the cases we will discuss:
  • Background history
  • Analysis of the client questionnaire
  • Veterinary history and potential effects of disease, injury or medication where applicable
  • The aetiology of the behaviour issues as a whole; concentrating on:
    • Learning history
    • Environment
    • Owner/dog relationships
    • Inter-household relationships with other animals
    • Motivation for and the function of the behaviour/s
    • Timelines of relevant events
    • Breed, motor patterns and drive
    • Related research and studies 
  • Approaches to behaviour modification based around:
    • Client’s capabilities
    • Compliance
    • Environmental changes
    • Veterinary support
    • Training
    • Modification protocols
  • Guidance for the owners
    • Reports
    • Follow-up support
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Course Feedback


I have to say that Dave Brice presented the behaviour case study extremely well, I not only enjoyed it but came away with loads to implement in my own cases so thank you, Iโ€™m most definitely going to do more IMDT courses as itโ€™s all good stuff. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

Colin Spence


Absolutely superb. I don't work with cases but I took this course out of interest and I learned so much from it. I can't believe how much is packed into a day-long session, and how useful it is for thinking about canine behaviour generally and specifically. Really works well alongside all of the other IMDTB courses, and it's given me lots to think about and research further!



Cannot recommend Dave, or this course more highly. I learn so much from Dave. He is patient, keeps it real, explains everything really well and obviously knows his stuff. His empathy for both the dog and the owners is apparent. I've just booked onto my Level 4 so can't wait to learn more - this was so useful. Great use of a Saturday - thanks Dave.

Sarah Courbet - The CanoCoach


Really good course. Lots of information and really enjoyed it. Dave was brilliant as always and the videos were great to gain a real understanding of what the behaviours were that we were looking into. Thank you so much.



Excellent course ! So well presented with so much information but given this way that made so much sense ! I am doing the 6 months Level 3 Correspodence Course and this webinar brought pieces of the puzzle together ! The tutor Dave was once more to the point with his examples of his professional experience ! Thank you so much ! Highly recommended course for whoever wants to see the theory put into practice !



A really informative course. Dave dissected client questionnaire answers to dig deeper and to find out whether their view of a behaviour is actually what is really going on. Plus some really useful before, and after, videos. Highly recommended to those who want to be,or are, behavourists.

Laura Glover


Excellent course and very knowledgeable instructor. If you are looking for actual examples of behaviour modification in action this is the course to take. It provides detailed information on behaviour assessment and a behaviour plan. Well worth doing and very informative. I've not found anything else like it.



A really good day with loads to think about and consider. Highly recommended ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ

Julie Griffin


A great day following some fascinating cases. A really enjoyable day and a great way to gain useful insight into real life situations, scenarios and outcomes. Huge thanks to Dave Brice. I recommend this course.

Andrea Taylor


I very much enjoyed the case studies. It was so valuable and fascinating to see the cases from start to finish, to see what approaches were taken and why, and to see how things developed. A great day of learning, thanks to Dave Brice.


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