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Webinar Assessment Prep

The prep session is a must for anyone booked into or hoping to take their IMDT Membership Assessment. You don't have to wait until you book you assessment to do the Prep Session, in fact we... [ Read more ]

£49.00 (+VAT)

The prep session is a must for anyone booked into or hoping to take their IMDT Membership Assessment.
You don't have to wait until you book you assessment to do the Prep Session, in fact we advise you attend this webinar sooner rather than later - it'll help you plan your study pathway so you're 100% prepared and ready for your assessment

It is presented by an IMDT Assessor to help you prepare and runs for approximately 1.5 hrs.
If you haven't attended an online session before, don't panic! Once booked, you'll receive a confirmation email followed by a link for you to simply click and register.

Who is it for?
This is for anyone that has booked or is interested in booking their IMDT Membership Assessment.

The Prep. session will expain and breakdown in full detail the complete IMDT Membership Assessment process.
Puppy Home Visit
1.2.1 Adult dog consultation, practical Training Session + Follow-Up Report
Group Class 

In addition the session will include important questions to ask and important information to include on a consultation form and will also include a sample of a consultation form that you can use as a foundation to put together a consultation form that suits you and your style when it comes to running your 121 sessions

To download the PDF's for each section ahead of your webinar click HERE 

We can help you prepare for your assessment and are here to answer all of your questions to ensure you are as prepared and as comfortable as possible including how the Assessment runs
Each Prep. WEBINAR has a maximum capacity of attendees to ensure your specific needs and questions are 100% catered for to prepare for your assessment.

How it works:
Once booked, you will simply receive an email confirming your place on the webinar
A zoom link will be sent 2 days prior to your prep session - click on the link 5 mins before the session and we'll do the rest!

The webinar is presented with suffificient time dedicated to Q+A, to ensure you are confident with the Assessment process and what to expect.
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Course Feedback


I've just done the assessment prep zoom and it was so informative!!! Its definitely helped me to pin point where I need to focus my revision to be as prepared as I can be for my assessment in Jan!! I think my favourite take away was to not prepare for the assessment, prepare to be the most well informed and knowledgeable trainer you can be. It's such an amazing way to look at it and such a great reminder of why we are all doing the assessment in the first place, to make sure we are ready and equipped with the knowledge and skills we need to go out there in the real world and make a difference to the lives of owners and their dogs!

Kate Mayes


Great webinar and good opportunity to ask any questions you have and prepare well ahead with all the important advice given by Steve and Alun. Definitely a pre-assessment MUST! It is a bonus being able to do it in the comfort of your own home and in your PJ's.



As someone who works full time and has very limited spare time, this was an invaluable experience - saving time attending the pre-assessment course - and doing it in the comfort of my own home without the need to get dog sitters!. It covers all the things you need to prepare for if you want to attend the assessment days - I now know what I need to do in order to be as prepared as I can be.

Laura Glover


If you're even just slightly considering the IMDT Membership assessment, 100% do this webinar! Every detail covered, every question answered and now I'm looking forward to the future!

Helen Gatsy


A really useful, easy to attend and thorough webinar. Highly recommended!

Barbara Tomkin


I attended this webinar last night. Really easy to log in (I'm not great with computers!). The session itself is so thorough, lots of opportunity to ask questions and a great way to prep for the assessment. In fact, it's worth attending just to dig deeper into the dog training skills, even if you're not doing the assessment!

P Smyth

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