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Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours

Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours (ARBs)       The behaviours are normal! The level of repetition is abnormal!       Presented By Dave Brice;... [ Read more ]

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Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours (ARBs)

      The behaviours are normal! The level of repetition is abnormal!

      Presented By Dave Brice; Head of Behaviour for IMDT & IMDTB

      Once booked, you will have access to this webinar for life

      Webinar Duration: 2.5 hours

      A comprehensive overview of extremely complex and often distressing conditions.

This webinar explores all the potential issues, their aetiology and the behavioural responses shown by animals suffering  from these conditions.

We discuss in detail the rule outs that are necessary to be certain that dogs’ responses are purely behavioural and not the fallout from other treatable conditions, or manageable stimuli within the environment.

The approaches discussed also consider other domesticated and zoo animals, how the welfare and mental wellbeing of these animals can be improved, and how this can be adapted when looking at dogs displaying repetitive behaviours.

The approach to the issues discussed is a holistic one, we discuss not only how important the liaison with vets is in these cases, but also how we can make a huge difference to the dogs’ mental wellbeing and overall welfare by analysing and changing the environment they live in, and how educating the carers and changing their responses is equally important to the overall prognosis. 

The webinar is in two parts totalling 2.5 hours discussing the areas shown below: -

•Breed Propensity
•The Brain
•Stereotypies vs. stereotypical
•Stress and displacement behaviours
•Other species
•Dogs – breed disposition and research studies
•Dogs – behavioural signs
•Treatment Plans
•Medical Rule ‘ins & outs’
•Foundation Training
•Approaching Behaviour Change

Once booked, this webinar will be available to you for life

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