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2nd Chance Heroes

Training & Rehabilitation of Rescue Dogs is such a rewarding experience for the dog and the trainer 2nd Chance Heroes! Each day runs 10am to 4pm Venue:- Cheltenham Animal Shelter, Gardners Lane,... [ Read more ]

£480.00 (+VAT)

Training & Rehabilitation of Rescue Dogs is such a rewarding experience for the dog and the trainer

2nd Chance Heroes!
Each day runs 10am to 4pm

Cheltenham Animal Shelter, Gardners Lane, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 9JW

STEP ONE: Take a group of dogs in Rescue

STEP TWO: Take a group of course attendees

STEP THREE: Give them the Rehabilitation & Training THEY DESERVE!

The focus of the Course is that course attendees will work with rescue dogs that will be collected each morning and returned each evening to their designated kennel.
Each dog will have it’s own history and ‘learning-to-date’.
Our target is that through a series of 1.2.1s, group activities, analysis and individual training programmes the group as a whole will train the dogs to as high a standard as possible to allow them to become the ‘ideal family Member’ they deserve to be.
Each morning and afternoon the training will be planned for each dog before putting the theory into practice to enable the Trainers to get a real hands-on feel for the skills required to give the best and get the best from these dogs.
This Course is suitable for anyone with a real passion for training dogs and offers a unique opportunity to work with an ‘unknown’ dog from scratch to measure the learning that is possible.

Training programmes will be designed and measured systematically as a group to enable Attendees to accurately char
t progress.
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Course Feedback


Highly recommend this fantastic course! It’s very in-depth, covering lots of information on rehoming shelters and how to help the dogs with training and behaviour issues. Presented by a terrific IMDT trainer, making everything easy to understand and creating a lovely, relaxed atmosphere. Working with the dogs is an incredible opportunity and I’m learning so much. Not just for those interested in working with ‘rescues’, this Course is helpful for all trainers and behaviourist!

Elaine Miller


I had been told many times that this is a course people want to do again, but I never expected to learn quite so much about so many things. Only wished that the five days went more slowly and I could take all the wonderful dogs home with me at the end! The rescue centre is a great environment to work, the staff are a huge inspiration and massively supportive, plus Mus is a brilliant teacher. Some of us even discussed spending our summer holidays doing the course again. Thanks IMDT for another superb training event



Another great course...



This course ticks every box going. It is enjoyable,, a great learning experience, a chance to work alongside lovely people and fabulous dogs, and it shifted my understanding of force free training to a whole other level. (It is emotional too). I have taken a lot home with me to think about and work on and my dogs are loving it.

Anne S.


I felt so privileged to have been part of this week. Thank you to each and every one of the team. Amazing instructors with such vast knowledge, patience and willingness to help. It was such an emotional roll-a-coaster of a week. Glendee Rescue do such an incredible job with all the rescue dogs in their care. I met such lovely people on the course. And how could we forget those amazing doggies. I could have taken you all home, especially the wee houndie Olive that I looked after for the week. She was certainly a challenge but one that enriched my life in so many ways. I was so thrilled to be told that "my Olive" had a home to go to. I miss you little lady and I wish you a happy and rewarding life with your knew family. xx I can't recommend this course enough whether you want to be a dog trainer or volunteer at your local rescue. This great course should come with a warning though. It will tug at your heartstrings and make you an emotional wreck. So worth it though. What a feeling of achievement that you have helped some amazing dogs.

Gary Holloway


A course that is definitely not to be missed. Extremely intense but enjoyable. You learn so much whilst gaining hands on experience with approachable knowledgeable leaders to help you answer any questions and develop your skills. The icing on the cake is that your achievements actually make a real difference to your rescue dog towards their rehoming. If you are thinking of doing this course i cant recommend it enough. Warning..take tissues!

Andrea Taylor


I have had an amazing experience. Falcor is a wonderful dog which a big heart. I stepped out of my comfort zone and he was a gift. The trust he gave me was wonderful, an absolute privilege to work with and wishing him a very deserving home to go to. The whole team delivered the course with tons of knowledge, fun and endless support. A huge thank you to each and everyone!

Marianne Spiteri


This must be one of the most rewarding and thought-provoking courses for anyone working with dogs. It is intense and demanding, but with complete support as you work with your dog it gives you such an insight into the minds of rescued, misused and damaged dogs.



This course changes both you as a trainer and the life of a rescue dog. Possibly one of the most emotionally rewarding courses you will ever attend. It was also fantastic for personal development of trainers skills and understanding and also the skills of the dogs.

Carrie-Anne Selwyn


Amazing and very emotional course. Brilliant to get some real hands on training experience. You'll come away with a load of new training techniques, and the opportunity to spend a week with like-minded trainers is not to be missed. (You will cry though!)



Well what an emotional week this was. My dog for the week 'Po' a little staffi x jrt and boy did he touch my heart. I really learnt a lot about Po and we bonded over the week. I would recommend this to anybody wanting some time hands on training, but have the tissues ready xxxx

Tania Chappelle


As someone passionate about rescue work this was a great week for me, every trainer on the course came away with so much extra knowledge and skills, this was my favourite course, you become a better trainer for doing it!


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