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Above all else, Members of the The IMDT must be able to demonstrate a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of proven, ethical and science based dog training and behaviour and abide by The IMDT Code of Ethics as listed on the 'About' page.

Membership is available to successful candidates in two tiers:-

Student Member IMDT

Full Member IMDT

If you reside outside of the UK & Eire, please email [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line 'Overseas Membership'

For residents of the UK & Eire, please see below:-

To book your IMDT Membership Assessment CLICK HERE

IMDT Membership process

During the two day Assessment process, applicants will:-
* Perform a 20/30 minute lesson to a class of mixed ability dogs & handlers
* Perform a 20/30 minute Puppy Home Visit and advise on a common 'puppy problem'
* Perform a 20/30 minute rescue dog practical 121 training session and prepare a follow-up report/email to the 'owner'
* Have a question & answer oral test with an IMDT Full Member. Following the Assessment, the applicant will receive a full report giving one of three possible outcomes:-

a) No offer of IMDT Membership at this time. This means that the applicant has not yet reached the desired standard to become an IMDT Member. The average assessment score will be 59% or below, or the applicant has not achieved 55% in two or more sections of the assessment. The assessment summary sheet will high-light areas to work on for the applicant to study before re-applying for Membership.

b) Offer of IMDT Student Membership This means that the applicant has reached the desired standard to become a Student IMDT Member. The overall assessment average will be 60% or over and less than 80% with the applicant achieving over 55% in at least 3 sections.

c) Offer of IMDT Full Membership This means that the applicant has reached the desired standard to become a Full IMDT Member. The overall assessment average will be 80% or over with no individual section under 55%.

Both Student and Full Membership (if registered for upon receipt of results) is valid for 2 years.

All IMDT Members must review their Membership before the 2 year expiry date by sitting and passing a one day assessment. This is to ensure continued development in line with other professions.

ALL (Full and Student) Members can have their details on the IMDT website to help owners find an IMDT qualified Trainer.

Full and Student Members will receive a valid IMDT Membership card with unique Member's Number. Full and Student Members will receive a 10% discount on all IMDT Courses, Workshops & Seminars. Full and Student Members may use the IMDT initials after their name.

Full and Student Members may display The IMDT logo on their literature and websites. Full and Student Members must read, understand and sign to say that will act in accordance to The IMDT Code of Ethics.

All Members have either graduated through The iMDT assessment process, or have supported their application with extensive evidence of experience and knowledge gained within Dog Training and Behaviour. The IMDT Committee's decision on Membership is final.

All Members may display the IMDT logo on all training literature and use the initials IMDT in a professional capacity.

As well as professional use of the IMDT initials and logo, being a Member of a recognised professional dog training body and receiving the full support offered by the Institute, all Members receive 10% off future Courses and Seminars. Members receive classified listing in The IMDT recommended Trainers list.

All IMDT Members may apply via The IMDT office for the externally accredited Open College Network/Gateway level III Qualification - 'Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour' as the qualification criteria will have been met as part of their successful Membership Assessment.


To book your IMDT Membership Assessment CLICK HERE

Please get in contact with The IMDT asap if you would like to book an Assessment as places are strictly limited

To find out more about becoming a Member and to receive the Assessment Criteria details & application form, please Contact us here >>>>>


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