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The IMDT are the only Education Provider qualified to offer the Open College Network Level III qualification 'Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour'.

OCN London is a national qualification awarding organisation regulated by Ofqual and the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

The full curriculum needed to be completed to gain your certification is the 2 day 'Career As A Dog Trainer' course, the 4 day ‘Practical Instructor’ course and the 2 day ‘Membership Assessment’ in which Trainers are practically assessed for Group Classes, Puppy Home Visits, One To One Sessions and Dog Training & Behaviour Knowledsge. 
The IMDT are also qualified to offer Learners two Quality Assured 6 month TUTOR SUPPORTED Correspondence courses entitled
'Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement' and 'Methodology'.
The IMDT  have developed two outstanding Level III Tutor Supported Correspondence Courses for Students and Trainers wishing to obtain externally accredited qualifications that are exclusively offered by The IMDT.
The Quality Assured Units are approved and verified by Gateway Qualifications and are designed to each be completed over a 6 month period.
Why choose an IMDT Correspondence Course?

Each IMDT Correspondence Course offers the student continual Tutor support throughout the duration of their Course, which we believe is essential to make the learning process interactive, supportive and the very best quality available.
Each Course has several in depth Units covering in detail the essential knowledge that today's Dog Trainers must have.
As you work through each Unit, you submit your answers to your Tutor for completion and constructive feedback before moving onto your next Unit.
Each Course comes with:
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