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Sherie New

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Does your dog pull on the lead? Would you like your dog to come back when called? Could your dog have better manners when meeting people and other dogs?
There are a host of different ways in which our dogs can cause embarrassment, inconvenience and sometimes safety issues. Here at Family Dogs we can help you to teach your dog new ways of behaving, ways that improve your life as an owner AND make your dog happier too.
• Qualified instructor, accredited by the IMDT
• Teaching that is effective, rewarding, friendly and fun
• Try before you buy – try a lesson before signing up for the course
• Money back guarantee on behaviour consultations
• A business that is fully insured
• An instructor trained in first aid for both dogs and humans
If you want all this plus more fun and a closer bond with your dog, then contact
Sherie at Family Dogs today.

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