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England - Hertfordshire

Natalie Weller-Cliff




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As an accredited behaviourist, I help owners with dogs that can be difficult.

Dogs that snarl or snap around certain people, places and things (resource guarding) / Dogs that bark and lunge on lead (reactivity) / Dogs that struggle to be alone (separation anxiety) / Dogs that cannot settle or are despondent.

One to one consultations, home assessments and bespoke behaviour modification plans tailored to you and your dog. Online / remote support available. Small dogs a specialism. Good with owners who are feeling anxious or stressed, or having difficulty with other people as a result of their dog's behaviour.

Level 5 qualified behaviourist (IMDTB)
Positive reinforcement, force-free trainer (IMDT)
NLP master practitioner
Insured and up-to-date with CPD

Training Services

  • 1-to-1 Training
  • Behaviour Consultations
  • Online / Remote Training

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