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Pup Rescue 22nd-26th Oct 2018

Dates:- 22nd to 26th October 2018 email HERE for future dates Duration: 5 Days Course Tutors: Mustafa Ozmus IMDT & Donna Saunders IMDT Cost of Course: 950 Euros Instalment plan available... [ Read more ]

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22nd to 26th October 2018
email HERE for future dates

Duration: 5 Days

Course Tutors: Mustafa Ozmus IMDT & Donna Saunders IMDT

Cost of Course: 950 Euros

Instalment plan available (interest free!) For extra details and to book, please email HERE

A special Course for Trainers to work & learn with Rescue puppies in Spain

All airport transfers, travel and accommodation included in the Course fee
( flights not incuded

Venue: Almogia, Malaga, Spain. (Airport pick-up/drop-off is included)

Puppies in Spain are suffering in Shelters every day.

The Purpose of 'RESCUE PUP' is that, with your Instructor's guidance,  you will be responsible for all training & rehabilitation of a Rescue Puppy pulled from a shelter. Facilities have been put in place to enable you to manage all aspects of the Puppy's life, 24 HOURS A DAY for the duration of the Course.

Each Puppy will have it’s own history, none will have received ANY FORMAL TRAINING WHATSOEVER. Our target is that through a series of 1.2.1s, group activities, analysis and individual training programmes the group as a whole will train the Puppies to as high a standard as possible to allow them to become the ‘ideal family Member’ they deserve to be.

The venues used for the puppy training are perfect and exposure includes trips to the beach, purpose built confidence Courses and coastal cafés.
Each morning and afternoon the training will be planned for each individual Puppy before putting the theory into practice to enable you to get a real hands-on feel for the skills required to give the best and get the best from these Pups.
This Course is suitable for anyone with a real passion for training dogs and offers a unique opportunity to work with an ‘unknown’ Puppy from scratch to measure the learning that is possible.
Training programmes will be designed and measured systematically as a group to enable you to accurately chart progress.

This IS a very emotional Course and an unique opportunity to work with some of the most rewarding animals and techniques available.

Upon completion of the Course, the Puppies (equipped with their new skills ) will be put up for adoption. (That's when we cry!)






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Course Feedback


I attended the course in May 2018. What an experience. I went in having only done the 2 day course, so in summary, ZERO experience. I learned so much in such a short space of time, with lots of help and guidance from Mus and Donna. I couldn't have asked to be with a better group of people, everyone helps each other, and without trying to give too much away, it's incredible to see the difference in the pups after 5 days. I will never forget this experience.It is one of those courses where you really get out from what you put in. And watching my pup grow in confidence, and being part of his first steps outside to explore the outside world is quite something. Thank you to Mus, Donna, and Pat who all do a wonderful job! If you are thinking about it, please book on! You won't regret it!

Liz Halliwell


I attended Pup Rescue Spain in May 2018. The course is awesome.... but make sure you take enough tissues with you for the last day because guaranteed even the hardest of us will be needing them, in a happy way of course. Donna and Mus are 2 amazing tutors and I have learned so much from them both and the help and support they give is second to none. If I get another chance to go, I'll be on that plane for sure. If you are thinking about attending this course then do it, it's an experience of a lifetime. You will gain so much knowledge whilst you are over in Spain from the puppies, the tutors your fellow trainers and of course your puppy

Sharon Davies


Just a quick message to say THANK YOU both so so much for one of the best courses I have ever been on and I'd definitely do it again!

Sharon Davies


Just a quick thank you for a fab week.I found the course an invaluable insight into puppy behaviour and the dramatic effects and influences environmental factors can have.In such a short period of time Dave has taught me so much, an experience that will be hard to better, for that I thank You, Mus, IMDT Spain, and of course Dave

Andy Thrussell


Best week ever. Learnt so much, met some amazing people



Hi DonnaJust a quick thank you for a fab week.I found the course an invaluable insight into puppy behaviour and the dramatic effects and influences environmental factors can have.In such a short period of time Dave has taught me so much, an experience that will be hard to better, for that I thank You, Mus, IMDT Spain, Pat and of course Dave.CheersAndy



What an AMAZING week which was so well organised and pulled together. The certificate given too was of high quality and will definitely be framed. It was a perfect location for what I call an "activity holiday" and I really enjoyed the outdoor classroom work. A mixed age group lived and worked together and supported each other along with the trainer Nando Brown to look after the pups on a 1:1 basis. I was so delighted that I was instrumental in enabling Elsa to learn as much as she was willing to learn in the 5 days, socialise and help habituate her. I was soooooooo delighted to learn she is coming to Scotland about an hour from me. From a personal perspective I learned more which really helped my confidence; built on what I already knew; showed me that my ideas are not wrong and gave me the courage to make changes when I came home. I was very impressed by the caring, high level of commitment, time, and effort of others in trying to find suitable homes for these pups who had been born in a rescue centre and well raised by its owner. So looking forward to the puppy instructor course next.



Wow. What a week! This course is probably the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I am proud of us all for having the courage to change those puppies' lives for the better despite the emotional turmoil it brings! The IMDT ran the course with an expert balance of professionalism and warmth and I can't thank them enough for the support they provided. The knowledge and advice with regards to the puppy's development and training was brilliant as expected. I would recommend this course to anyone who can handle the blood, sweat and tears in exchange for the experience of a lifetime!Thanks to you!

Ellie Turner


Just wow! This was my first IMDT course and am still just in awe of everything I've seen this week. The course was held in AlmogĂ­a at a doggy heaven up in the beautiful Spanish mountains. Some great classes which have set me on track now to get out in the dog training world and gather more knowledge. A wealth of knowledge in absolutely all areas of dog training, care, grooming etc. I was back and forth about booking this course and thank god I dod, life changing for me!

Gemma Senior


Wow, emotional beyond belief, what an amazing educational experience.

Julie Clark


Experience of a lifetime!

Gillian McNaughton


What an amazing course! Whether you're a trainer or just breaking into the industry, this course will provide you with an experience like never before. From time spent getting to know your puppy, nurturing them and helping them become happier and safer in this world, to the knowledge you receive from Nando, Donna and Steve, there is never a dull moment. A brilliantly run course that opens your eyes to new ways of thinking and doing. This is one course that I would definitely do again! Thanks for all you do and the awareness you raise!



I simply can not fully express just how superb this course is. Nando and Steve are the instructors with Donna being the brains and keeping it running smoothly. Steve and Nando know their craft but never once make you feel like you can't ask a question no matter how stupid it is!. They're fantastic company and so funny to be around. The course teaches you so much and exposes you gently to the reality of life in Spain for dogs. We managed to change the lives of all the dogs we trained with and even one cat! You leave with a sense of new purpose and the knowledge you've done good... I could go on for hours about the advantages of this course but really you should see for yourselves. YOU need this course!



I just wanted to say a huge 'Thank you' to Donna, Nando and Steve for an absolutely fabulous week on the puppy rescue course. It was so well organised, great accommodation, stunning location, absolutely gorgeous puppies and of course Donna, Nando and Steve were just awesome. Your enthusiasm and knowledge for all things dog is just so infectious and if I can gain just a quarter of the knowledge that you all have then that would just be completely amazing!!!!Please, please, please keep up the great work that you do for every dog that you encounter and for sharing the knowledge that you have gained throughout the years and your high energy as it really is just truly inspiring. Whilst I know that I am bit of latecomer to the world of dog training the last week spent on puppy rescue has just spurred me on even more to keep my dream alive and press ahead with becoming a dog walker and hopefully also a trainer although I still have sooooo much to learn. I can assure you that you will definitely be seeing me again on some more courses (you poor things - lol) and that is down to you guys and the amazing week that I had on puppy rescue.

Michelle W


Amazing experience! Working so intensively with the Puppies was so rewarding and I learnt so much from Nando, Steve, Donna and the puppy too! Would recommend this course highly and I can't wait to do it again!

Michelle Smith


What a fantastic course, it was so rewarding for both me and my pup. I learnt so much from her and hope and believe that the experience helped her succeed in a home. Food for the soul this course xxx

Tania Chappelle


This is a fantastic experience, helping the pups was a very rewarding experience . You will be well looked after by Nando and Donna . Highly recommend this course to anyone who loves helping dogs and you will meet some great people.

helen jones


Very much enjoyed this course, great fun and very informative.

Islana Mclauglin-Bell


A 5 star course, you will learn new ways to train dogs. Plus the fact I have adopted my trainee rescue pup (Jessie). Result!



This course was just the best, we had such an amazing time. We have been to Spain twice, once on the puppy course and again on a nose work course. Nando and Donna make you feel so welcome. We learnt so much, and have applied a lot of it to our classes in the UK. We also have a gorgeous rescue dog Blue from the Puppy Rescue course, we wouldn't be without him, he's an amazing dog and we've learnt so much from him. As well as learning lots its relaxed and great fun, we made some great friends on the course and had some right laughs! And best of all you get to change these pups life forever, our rescue wouldn't be the dog he is now if it wasn't for this course!



A dog lovers paradise. You get to eat with, sleep with and play with puppies for a week in the sun. The course is skillfully adapted on a day to day basis to bring on the puppies in a positive manner and at the puppies own level. Great course ! Bring your tissues.



I can't say enough good things about this course. I am new to dog training and was worried that I shouldn't go, but it was exactly what I needed. It's five days, 24/7 with your pup and every day you are learning and working on new things. And you are doing it in a beautiful location! Nando is so giving of his time, knowledge and passion. Donna and the rest of the IMDT crew make sure you have everything you and your pup need. Don't hesitate - book this course! You won't be disappointed,


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