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Creating Compliance In Non Compliant Clients! WEBINAR

WEBINAR Presented by Steve Mann IMDT 2020 date options:- Monday 27th April 2020 Monday 21st Sept 2020 Monday 9th November 2020 7pm to 8.30pm Exclusive 'Live' Webinar If you can't help the... [ Read more ]

£40.00 (+VAT)

Presented by Steve Mann IMDT

2020 date options:-
Monday 27th April 2020
Monday 21st Sept 2020
Monday 9th November 2020

7pm to 8.30pm

Exclusive 'Live' Webinar

If you can't help the Owner you can't help the Dog

This special live webinar is designed to help you overcome those all too common obstacles that jump in the way of a great training session...

We'll address:-
  • How to deal with the "Can'ts", "Won'ts and "Don'ts"
  • How to turn around the "yeah buts..'
  • How to deal with split family motivations
  • Creating clear objectives
  • Negotiating 'speed-bumps'
  • How to handle the 10 most common training objections ( without being a smart-arse! )
  • How not to be afraid of resistence
  • How to work with the really, really, really difficult ones, not against them 

  • Motivation
  • Understanding
  • Cooperation
  • Pride
  • Continuation
  • Team Effort
  • Pride in your and their training

This is a special 'live' webinar with plenty of opportunitry for individual Q+A

Limited places

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Course Feedback


Great course, well worth doing. Some great reminders and useful tools to use in home visits

Andrea Taylor


Thank you for the two courses I attended at Oaklands today: 'Creating Compliance in Non-compliant Clients' and 'Mind Your Own Business'.The information was spot on. It was carefully tailored to meet the individual needs of all those attending, delivered with a genuine wish to help and infused with friendly banter. It couldn't have been be better timed either. What a great day, thank you 🙂



A brilliant course that has really helped me build more 'owner motivation' into my consults. The results are now showing, thanks Steve!

Paul Bath


Really enjoyed the Creating Compliance in Non Compliant Clients course. Lots of interesting tips and information. Really enjoyed being in a small group, a course well worth doing.

Lisa Hunt


Lots of great ideas on the Creating Compliance in Non Compliant course. Feel more confident with this helpful extra knowledge and approach. Also enjoyed the smaller group. Thanks a lot Steve!

Vicky Alhadeff


Would recommend this course to all levels of trainers, even if you only learn one thing from the course (hopefully more) you will have had a really good time. Well delivered as well.

Diane Clark


Really enjoyed the creating compliance course yesterday, I would recommend it for anyone, at any type of level you're at, whether having a big client base or like myself haven't even started out yet. Lots of great advice given and managed to look into detail a lot more due to the small numbered group. A great start to a week of IMDT courses, cheers Steve!

Beth Simpson


Enjoyed the chance to think about client to a level of detail I've not focussed on before,

S Welsh


Excellent course today..Steve .you were as usual on the money..lots of good stuff in there

Kevin Stokes


Definitely worth doing, learned lots and refreshed other ideas . Lots to put into practice, thanks Steve

C Murkett


Great afternoon Steve, as usual you were a mine of great advice and insights.

Matt Jones


Great course today, I loved the small number of delegates. Highly recommended

K Kaye


Absolutely fantastic course which covered all the concerns we students raised brilliantly. Left feeling I can do this! Thanks Steve for putting the course together

Jan Harris


Really great course. Came away with lots of great ideas to put into practice. Highly recommended! As always, Steve makes it a fun learning environment

Jo Carford


Unbelievably good, really useful techniques which will help me persuade clients 'positive' is the way to go. Yet another brilliant course run by Steve Mann, his style makes learning fun but you still take in the information. Thoroughly recommend this Course 😀

Jan Harris Applause for Paws

Listen to a selection of songs performed by Creating Compliance In Non Compliant Clients! WEBINAR.


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