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1 day Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours in Dogs

This in-depth course offers content suitable for anyone interested learning more about Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours, and compliments the syllabus for the Level IV Open College Network... [ Read more ]

£90.00 (+VAT)

This in-depth course offers content suitable for anyone interested learning more about Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours, and compliments the syllabus for the Level IV Open College Network Accrediatation offered by The IMDTB, Canine Behaviour Modification and Consultancy'
( incl. light/shadow chasing, tail chasing, repetative behaviours etc )

- Terminology
- Definitions
- Prevalence
- Types of ARBs
- Behavioural presentation
- Aetiology of ARBs in dogs
- What NOT to do
- Breed disposition
- Emotional circuits involved in ARBs
- The dog's brain
- Rule outs
- Psychopharmacological intervention
- Behavioural modification protocols

This course is available for you to attend in-person at one of the locations listed below, or remotely via Zoom.
The course content is exactly the same for each option.
The day runs 10am-4pm 
If you choose the Zoom option, you will receive a Zoom invite and course notes 2 days prior to the event
This is a very popular course for Trainers & Behaviourists and we're very pleased to be able to deliver it to you with a choice of attendance options.
When you receive your link from Zoom, simply click on it 5 minutes before the seminar starts and we'll do the rest!

Course Presenter: David Brice
The IMDTB is focused on helping excellent Dog Trainers with their behaviour problem cases, in a way which is responsible and educated.
IMDTB courses cover aspects of problem behaviour in detail - including; behavioural diagnosis, treatment, medication and criteria for success on a behaviour by behaviour basis.
IMDTB courses provide education to help dogs and owners with problem behaviour.

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Course Feedback


Another great course about a fascinating issue. I’d been waiting for this course for a while: it’s not run that often so I was very pleased to finally be able to attend and it did not disappoint. Clear and interesting delivery with lots of super useful references so that you can read further and follow-up afterwards. It’s really great to have so many different courses that allow you to focus on individual issues in such depth. Invaluable learning experience - thank you so much.



I really enjoyed this seminar and learned loads of new information. I have been studying a lot of dog aggression and anxiety before so this was a nice change. David even gave a out a few great tips to use when working with a client 1 to 1



A super interesting insight; I was blown away by the science just jaw dropping for me. Then had some light bulb moments and the reference material is stunning. Can’t believe I was lucky enough to book this as they only do it once a year..l. I’ve totally lucked out.... thank you!



Fantastic course, really helped me grasp what stereotypies are and some of the reasons behind it thanks to David Brice's clear explanations.Highly recommended

Vikki Chalke


Another terrific IMDTB seminar, this one a particularly convincing demonstration of how vitally important it is to consider behavioural issues from a variety of perspectives, taking a range of factors into account. Crammed full of really important research and learning from a range of disciplines, considering how stereotypical behaviours manifest in a variety of species, and presented in the usual accessible and engaging manner, this one will certainly deepen anyone's knowledge of, and further their interest in, the topic.



All Dave's courses are great and I was impressed how easily he navigates these discussions on Zoom, without his whiteboard to sketch ideas on! There was a huge amount of information I'd never have been able to dig out on my own and the neurochemistry background is massively helpful. As always learnt some very useful things and feel much more informed about the logistics of behavioural modifications and the types of treatment available.



Very good course! My head is buzzing from information overload but have learnt so much. There were a few lightbulb moments where other courses and information have come together to make sense. Thank you so much. Highly recommend for anyone working with animals.



Brilliant course and would benefit anyone working with animals as it highlights repetitive behaviour in many species. The science was simply explained and was up-to-date and collated, saving us time and effort. The course notes, emailed a day later, were all Dave’s PowerPoint slides - including the links to many publications for further reading. It was fascinating to learn about certain genes being common in both dogs and humans in repetitive disorders. Dave managed to get his point across without the need for distressing footage of animals suffering - impressive. Looking forward to my next IMDTB course.

Nichola Rockliffe


Fascinating subject brilliantly presented. Again David made the science easy to understand and has definitely made me rethink a lot of things. Can't wait to get stuck in with the references! Thanks again

Michelle Smith


I couldn't of picked a better course for my first one with the IMDTB, the course content was excellent.

J Clark


Another great day on a troubling subject. Dave gave his usual science-made-easy presentation, together with his practical insight and discussion of some of his cases. Zillions of references provided for later use :-) Highly recommended

Nige Gunn


Excellent course - full of great information and loads to take in - well worth attending!



Amazing course! Very in depth and great for understanding the science behind dogs behaviour. David is a great and knowledgeable lecturer. I have come away with brilliant knowledge. I would recommend this course to everyone!



Great interesting afternoon. I came away with lots of knowledge that I didn't have and am eager to use. Thank You!

Kirsty McCallan


Brilliant course, great speaker, course content was a good balance of science and information. Lots to take away and implement.

L Ellis


an extremely interesting and valuable course. Well presented by Dave Brice. I got a lot out of it. Time flew past as it was totally absorbing.

June Quinn


In typical IMDT style, welcoming, friendly and educational. I believe 'If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough'... Dave Brice does exactly that... Outstanding!!!! I must recommend it to ALL trainers as its knowledge like this will make things better for the dogs and owners out there. Well done the IMDT !!!

Rob Hewings


Sooooo goooood to be back with the IMDT crowd today, learning about Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours with the brilliant Dave Brice. Loads of info, lively discussion and plenty of laughs

Tracie Ryan


Another interesting, educational and well presented course. Thanks

Alun Freeman


Loved it! Thanks

Jeanette Muldoon


Absolutely Fab!!

Julie Bailey


Throughly enjoyed it. My first imdtb course and loved it.

Helen Wainwright


Really enjoyed the abnormal compulsive behaviours one day course today...It was a nice refresher from many many years ago when I was at university and I loved how it was applied to canine behaviour.

Helen Motteram


A really well presented, informative and constructive course on recognising and helping dogs with Abnormal repetitive Behaviours. I particularly found it useful understanding the motivations and the achievable rehab process.

P Higgins


Excellent course


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