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Behaviour Case Studies TWO

Behaviour Case Studies – Part 2! Following on from the first Behaviour Case Study day (Part 1), this new one-day seminar goes on to look at different types of cases, focusing on the background... [ Read more ]

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Behaviour Case Studies – Part 2!
Following on from the first Behaviour Case Study day (Part 1), this new one-day seminar goes on to look at different types of cases, focusing on the background causes, motivations, and functions of the behaviours that clients have reported as problematic. 
Part 2 contains up to date cases from the last two years, focussing strongly on relationships within the home and their effects on behaviour and both dog and human mental wellbeing.
 A variety of cases are included from separation and impulse control issues to reactivity and dog to human aggression. 

It is recommended that you attend the initial Behaviour Case Study Day Part 1before Part 2, because Part 1 delves more specifically into the motivations, functions, reinforcement, emotions and mood states of the dogs involved, something that is required as a basis to the approaches made throughout Part 2.This seminar is entirely comprised of cases and a certain level of understanding is assumed. 
The format for each case follows that of the Case Study requirement for Unit 5 of the Level 5 correspondence course – Analysis & Application although everyone is welcome to attend. 

After an introductory presentation, for each of the cases where relevant, we will discuss:
  • Background history
  • Analysis of the client questionnaire
  • Veterinary history and potential effects of disease, injury, or medication where applicable
  • The aetiology of the behaviour issues as a whole; concentrating on:
    • Learning history
    • Environment
    • Owner/dog relationships
    • Inter-household relationships with other animals
    • Motivation for and the function of the behaviour/s
    • Timelines of relevant events
    • Breed, motor patterns and drive
    • Related research and studies 
  • Approaches to behaviour modification based around:
    • Client’s capabilities
    • Compliance
    • Environmental changes
    • Veterinary support
    • Training
    • Modification protocols
  • Guidance for the owners
    • Reports
    • Follow-up support 
  • Full course notes provided

The day runs 10am-4pm
Presented by David Brice IMDTB via Zoom

With the Zoom option, you will receive a Zoom invite and course notes 2 days prior to the event
When you receive your link from Zoom, simply click on it 5 minutes before the seminar starts and we'll do the rest!

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Course Feedback


Really good course. I completed Case Studies One and also achieved my Level Five Behaviour Qualification, however, it was good to do this one day course as it made me think (as quickly as I could!) how I would tackle each of the issues and problems presented. It is a good reminder that sometimes it is the simplest of things which can remedy what seems an impossible situation. Excellent as usual, Dave.



Having done Behaviour Case Studies One and loved it, I booked onto Two. I am not a dog trainer nor a behaviourist but I am studying and have a reactive dog of my own. Love seeing examples of how Dave has tackled varying problems- gives me lots of ideas to try for myself. 5 case studies in this one, so an awful lot to go off! A welcoming, accepting and non-judgmental environment as ever.



Another excellent course from Dave - gets you thinking and plenty of advice given throughout the whole seminar via Zoom - let's hope a Case 3 is being scheduled soon!



This course is a perfect follow-up to Case Studies One, working through the motivation, function, reinforcement, and aetiology of specific behaviour cases, modelling how to read the responses on a questionnaire, detailing behaviour modification techniques, and demonstrating implicitly the importance of a thorough consult, appropriate rule-outs, and reflective practice. A really good (and important) complement to all IMDTB study.



I found all the behaviour cases very interesting. It was great to work through each one in detail with Dave. He invited our thoughts along the way, so it's interactive and zoom works well. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend.


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